Try this Easy Trick & Get Stronger Arms in 2 Weeks

strong arms workout

When I first started working out with my trainer, I quickly realized that my arms were a whole lot weaker than I realized. Carrying a baby and breastfeeding 8x a day will make you very aware of that! I’d gotten a weird pull in the middle of my back from hunching over while feeding him and my forearms were shot after a short amount of time holding him.

Mama needed muscles!

So on day one of my training, we hit the arms hard. We also hit everything else hard because I had also complained about my “flat ass”, haha! I was so sore after that first workout, but also felt so empowered again!

I asked if there was anything easy I could be doing at home or on another day to keep up my progress since I couldn’t afford to visit him more than 1x a week—Steve’s answer?

strong arms workout with no weights


Okay, in all fairness, he said lunges too, but for the sake of arms, we’re talking push-ups today!

He said that if I could do 20 push-ups every day for two weeks, after that 20 push-ups would be a breeze. I was somewhat doubtful, because at that point, 10 push-ups killed me! But, I tried it anyway.

So, for the next two weeks, I did 20 push-ups every day. Sometimes I’d do them all at once, sometimes I’d do 10 at a time, or even 5 at a time. The only goal was to get 20 in each day.

strong arms workout for women

And, by the end of the 2 weeks, he was right! I could 20 much easier! I won’t say it was easy because push-ups are probably never easy, but I was shocked by how much stronger they’d gotten in such a quick time!

It’s a super easy challenge and it takes no time at all. Do them first thing when you get up, or later that night during the commercial breaks of your favorite show! And, let me know how you feel at the one-week mark and the two-week mark!

BTW, how to do a sugar detox, and 3 months of Pure Barre & why I love it.

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