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Vegamour Review: How This Haircare Line Made My Hair Grow in Just 6 Weeks

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I’m sharing my honest Vegamour review featuring all the products I’ve tried—what I love, how to use them and how often to use each one for optimal results!

vegamour review for hair growth

After having two kids and having the typical postpartum hair loss, I thought by now my hair would be back to normal. My youngest is 3.5 after all! But towards the end of 2023 the amount of hair that was still falling out with each wash started to seem more concerning. I’d always been someone who had lots of hair, but my ponytail was getting thinner and thinner, and my confidence was dwindling.

Naturally, I took to the internet to find out what could help and of course there are so many options, but I wanted to start with something natural. I’d seen Vegamour a bunch on Instagram and from a friend who’d had a great experience and decided to try it out.

It’s been about 6 weeks since I started using their products and I’ve been blown away and SO excited to write this post. I wanted to give it enough time to give it a solid review. Not only do I have new growth (love seeing those baby hairs come in!), but overall my hair is smoother, softer, less tangled and my scalp gets less oily. 

Like anything, this isn’t going to happen overnight. Hair growth takes some time and starting with scalp health is essential, which is where Vegamour comes in! So, What is Vegamour?

What is Vegamour?

Vegamour is a vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand that makes clean, plant-based beauty products for hair and lashes. They utilize powerful botanical ingredients and cutting-edge technology, to provide effective and clean  solutions for enhancing hair health and growth.

My Honest Vegamour Review

If you’re struggling with hair thinning hair or hair fall, my hope is that this Vegamour review will guide you to the best products to help in your own hair growth and scalp health as it has mine. With these products I’ve created a hair wellness routine that’s got my hair in a good place and getting better each week.

Vegamour graciously gifted me products to try, but all opinions are my own, and I think the before and after pictures will speak for themselves!

GRO Collection

Most of the products I tried are in their GRO Collection which targets, you guessed it, hair growth! The purpose of these products is to help strengthen individual strands for thicker, fuller-looking hair and overall give you healthier hair, by starting at the scalp. 

I’m going to walk you through some key features of this line and then individually review each of the products that I’ve tried, plus explain how to best use them and how often to use. I’ve also included a review for 2 products in the HYDR-8 line as well because they’re truly amazing as well!

Vegamour Gro Collection Key Features

  • 100% vegan, clean and cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny Certifed
  • Karmatin: many of their products contain this vegan alternative to keratin and silicone that works to strengthen strands and give your hair more shine—it’s totally chemical-free 
  • Color-Safe
  • Sulfate-free

GRO Serum

If you want to start with one powerhouse product to turbocharge your hair growth, I would suggest the GRO serum 3-pack. It’s the best deal, plus, you’ll want to stay consistent for 3 months to see the most benefits. That being said, you will start to notice the benefits much earlier.

Like I mentioned, I have been using this hair serum for about 6 weeks and have lots of new little baby hairs around the crown of my head. What I love about this product is that you can actually SEE the results—new hair—wahoo!

gro serum

This serum also helps to increase the appearance of hair density and can help to reduce shedding and fallout. This is something I’ve experienced myself over the past month and seeing less hair falling out feels like a huge win!

It contains amazing ingredients like caffeine, turmeric, mung bean and red clover blend, bergamot oil and biotin. Caffeine helps to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth, while turmeric and bergamot oil are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help to create a healthy follicular ecosystem. Biotin, a B-vitamin, supports the production of keratin, which is essential for healthy hair. 

These ingredients work together to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, leading to healthier and thicker, fuller hair over time. 

The GRO Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve tried SO many clean shampoos over the years and so many fall flat or leave my hair feeling weighed down or greasy, but I absolutely love this one. The GRO Shampoo is a game-changer for those seeking thicker, fuller, and longer-looking hair. It uses the power of vegan keratin and potent plant oils to promote healthy hair growth and create a luscious mane. A lot of clean shampoos I’ve used leave my hair feeling dry and rough, but this makes my hair feels so soft and smooth and less tangled. The vegan keratin helps strengthen the hair, while the plant oils nourish and moisturize, resulting in soft, bouncy, and voluminous locks.

With regular and continued use, the GRO Shampoo has left my hair feeling healthy and soft, but looking more thick. It gives you a good deep clean that helps keep your scalp healthy as well.

Next up is the GRO Conditioner which is a lightweight, silky formula that is suitable for all hair types. It works so well at nourishing and strengthening hair and leaves it really hydrated and shiny. 

clean shampoo and conditioner

As someone with fine or thin hair, the GRO Conditioner adds volume without weighing hair down, making it look and feel thicker. And for thick or coarse hair, it will help tame frizz and adds moisture, enhancing texture and manageability. These come in a handy kit that’s perfect for anyone wanting to start with the basics.

Personally, I have used the GRO Conditioner and have seen noticeable improvements in the thickness, shininess and overall health of my hair. I used to feel like my hair just looked so tangled and dehydrated, but it’s really turning around and looks so much healthier. Plus, it smells amazing—even my husband commented on it! 

GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum

For anyone with an itchy scalp or oily scalp, or dealing with hair loss, I think this is a pretty essential product as it helps to effectively clear up scalp build-up, which can include product residue, excess oil, and impurities. By removing this build-up, the serum allows for better absorption of other hair care products and promotes overall scalp health. And we know that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair! Regular use of the serum can also help to reduce itching and flakiness, leading to a more balanced and comfortable scalp. Within just a few uses, I noticed that this one area of my head that was always itchy has completely been resolved! 

HYDR-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask

I also tried a few things from Vegamour’s HYDR-8 line because my hair has been so dry, tangled and dull looking and this stuff is amazing! I’d never tried a hair mask before this and now I’m kind of obsessed. Once a week after I wash, I use this hair mask instead of my conditioner for a really deep hydrating treatment that doesn’t take long. This is great if you have wavy or curly hair that tends to be a little unruly.

It has done SO much for my lifeless locks—each time my hair feels softer, more hydrated and more shiny. I was having this issue where my hair was so dry it would tangled so easily and then break easily when I tried to brush it. 

I credit this moisture mask to restoring my hair back to it’s previous glory! We still have a little ways to go, but wow, after just 6 weeks, I’m hooked.

It strengthens your hair after just one wash, so with continued use, you’re likely to notice less breakage, less hair full and healthier looking hair like I have.

heat protectant review

HYDR-8 Leave-In Conditioner

Last, but not least, I also tried the HYDR-8 Leave-In Conditioner, which doubles as a heat protectant which I love because that’s a step I often forget and now it’s just built-in. It gives youor hair 14x hydraion and protects against heat up to 450 F. It’s a simple spray and has no silicones.

It does a great job of detangling (great for my friends with wavy or curly hair!) and helps to reduce frizz which is always a plus. 

Does Vegamour Actually Work?

The big question—well, YES. I’m always skeptical of hair products with big claims, but I’m happy to tell you that this product delivers. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with continued use, you’ll start noticing changes within a few weeks. 

At 6 weeks now, I’ve noticed lots of new growth around my hairline, thicker, and shinier looking hair. My scalp is no longer itching and I can go longer between washes because it’s not getting so oily either. 

If you’re wanting to grow your hair, reduce shedding, give your dull hair a boost, or just improve your overall hair health you will love the results you get with Vegamour! And best of all, it’s clean, cruelty-free and sulfate-free!

Before and After

It might not look like a huge change, but if you’ve ever had thinning hair, you know just how exciting it is to see those new hairs growing in and coming in thick!

before vegamour
before vegamour
after vegamour
after 6 weeks of vegamour

How to Use Vegamour Products

Pre-Wash Detox Serum

This GRO Detoxifying Serum is amazing and I would suggest using it at least once a week, but 2x is great too. You’ll use this BEFORE you shampoo your hair. Simply section your hair off, apply to scalp and massage in. Then you’ll leave it or 3-5 minutes before hopping into the shower and doing your normal wash and condition routine. No more build-up and itchy scalp!

RELATED: How to Make a DIY Hair Oil for Growth at Home

Shampoo, Condition & Hair Mask

Shampoo: You can use this whenever you wash your hair, for me, that’s usually 2, sometimes 3x a week. The directions don’t specify this, but I’ve had better results doing a double cleanse. I use a small amount of shampoo just at my roots for the first wash and I find that I don’t get much of a lather.

After rinsing, I cleanse again, starting with my roots and the shampoo works into a super thick and luxurious lather. I focus on my scalp and roots and then run the rest of the bubbles through my hair. I lean towards the oily side, so I find that doing this allows my hair to last longer between washes because it doesn’t get as oily.

Condition: Use the GRO conditioner after washing your hair. I focus on the lower ends of my hair and barely put any on my roots. I leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse.

Hair Mask: I use this deeply hydrating hair mask at least once a week in lieu of my conditioner. I add a good amount to the lower half of my hair to deeply nourish it. Simply massage it in and let it sit or 5-10 minutes while you finish showering.

Post-Wash Conditioner & Heat Protectant

To use the HYDR-8 leave-in conditioner, simply section hair and spray on both sides and at your roots for more conditioner, healthier hair and heat protection up to 450 F. After you’ve sprayed this on, brush hair and style as you normally would!

I also plan on trying out their repair oil soon too as it gets great reviews and my wavy hair can always use some help with frizz and flyaways.

vegamour review

Daily GRO Serum

This growth serum comes in a little dropper bottle that’s super easy to use. It’s designed to be used daily on dry or towel-dried hair. You’ll use one dropper-full each day. I apply straight to my part and in the sections just below that and any areas that are looking sparse.

You can apply it after you shower to damp hair too. Just massage into your roots and style as you normally would. For daily use when you’re not washing your hair, just do the same thing and apply to dry hair. It’s lightweight and non-greasy and dries in a couple of minutes. Honestly, you don’t even know it’s there. Just don’t overdo it because that could lead to a greasy scalp.

Where to Buy Vegamour

If you want beautiful hair and to combat thinning hair, give Vegamour a try! You can try out individual products, or even invest in one of their bundles from their website that will save you money in the long run. I’ve included some links to my favorite bundles below to help get you started!

Will I Keep Using Vegamour?

Uhh, absolutely!!! I still have at least half of my bottles of shampoo and conditioner and will continue to use and refill once they’re gone. I love how long these products last which for me makes it totally worth the investment, and with the results I’ve seen, I will definitely buy again.

I’ve been so happy with the results and seeing my hair growing back in and looking and feeling healthy again feels like such a huge win and a confidence booster! As time goes on, I’m looking forward to fuller, longer-looking hair! I hope this Vegamour review helps you make the right decisions on what to buy to get your hair to a place where you absolutely love it.

BTW, how to curl your hair with a flat iron, and the best non-toxic dry shampoos.



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