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How to Shop When you Have No Time At All

trunk club review: shopping when you have no time

I swear, it feels like I have zero free-time these days until 7:30 hits and Owen is in bed for the night. I’m not complaining, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the occasional hours of silence where I could do whatever I wanted and not worry about a baby waking up at any second.

I’ve learned to plan my days better so that I’m not just aimlessly walking around trying to figure out what to do. Still even when I do that, there’s not always time for everything!

One thing in particular that I really don’t have time for anymore is shopping. The thought of walking around a store, picking out clothes, then going into a dressing room and trying them on with a 5 month old just sounds torturous! Will he get hungry? Will he cry? Or will I have to change a diaper on the floor of the dressing room? After I’ve thought through several scenarios, I usually decide it’s just not worth it and stick to online shopping.

casual outfit plus a full review of Trunk Club shopping services

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casual mom outfit

But, I still don’t even have much time to really browse! I mean, technically I could at night, but once Rob gets home, I like to close my computer and spend time with him. Especially since my bedtime is earlier than it once was. So we have about an hour less time to hang out each night!

Thankfully, there’s a solution! It’s still fun and gives me the same enjoyment of online shopping that I already get, but it’s much faster. Enter, Trunk Club! I’m sure some of you have already heard of Trunk Club, but if not, it’s a service that hooks you up with a stylist who essentially does the shopping for you. They send you a trunk, you try everything on within 5 days and keep what you like and send back the things you don’t want, or exchange anything for a new size.

What I love about it is that the trunk comes packed with stuff! It’s not just a few items, but a whole bunch of stuff! It recreates the shopping experience from the comfort of home. Another perk, is that you can try on pieces with shoes and other clothes you have at home to see if they work together.

adidas gazelle white sneakers

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It was such an easy process too! When you sign up you answer a few questions that help your stylist understand your style. I also chatted with my stylist, Lauren, and gave her a better idea of my lifestyle so she could pick things that were appropriate! I told her I was a new mom and that comfort was super important! Anything that was too fancy or could easily be destroyed with baby spit was off limits, haha! She also asked what types of things I was looking for at the time. Which is so helpful because I was in desperate need of new sneakers and some athleisure.

Before your trunk ships, you’re able to preview it online and leave comments. If there’s something you don’t need or simply don’t like, you can let your stylist know so she can replace it with something different!

For example, there were a few pairs of shoes that my stylist had included that I already owned. So I asked if we could switch them out for something else. My biggest tip is to communicate with your stylist. If you don’t like something, just tell them! At the end of the day, they want you to end up in something you love. So be open and honest—you’re not going to hurt their feelings!

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an easier way to shop when you have no time

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After ordering a few trunks, your stylist will really have your style pegged and will make future trunks even better!

My first trunk came and was filled with exactly what I asked for! Lots of comfortable, but cute basics. I also asked for some athleisure and sneakers. I ended up loving them and have been wearing them around the house and to the gym! She also threw in some extra pieces and funny enough, those ended up being the ones I kept!

I didn’t think I needed jeans, but I fell in love with the fit of the pair that was in my trunk. Ironically, the next day, my old jeans ripped—perfect timing. I’m in love with this cute grey tee with the knotted front and these new jeans fit like a dream!

knot front shirt

grey tee outfit

If you’re a mama, or simply don’t have time to shop, or don’t enjoy shopping, I really think you’d love Trunk Club! There’s no pressure to buy everything. In fact, if you get your trunk and don’t like anything, you can send the whole thing back! Each trunk always includes a price sheet. So you can see how much each piece is and the only other fee is the $25 styling fee, which is waived for Nordstrom cardholders!

Have you tried Trunk Club? What was your experience like?

This post was sponsored by Trunk Club, a brand I love & trust! Thanks for supporting the brands that help make The Fox & She possible!