What to Pack for a Beach Getaway

what to pack for a beach getaway

Today, we’re hanging on the beach with some sort of tropical drink in hand. Yes, I’m that girl who will order at least one stereotypical tropical drink when I first arrive somewhere warm. I’m aware that they’re filled with sugar, but I love at least one!

After that polar vortex, this trip feels well deserved.

This is also the first family vacation we’ve taken in so long. Our last few trips have been for the holidays, which is still fun, but we haven’t done a trip with just the three of us in such a long time. We came here last year with Owen when he was just three months old, here’s a post on traveling with a baby if you need some encouragement! We’ve found that traveling with him when he was little was the easiest! He didn’t move, sat in one spot and slept the majority of the time. Traveling with a toddler is much different and I’m working on a post for you guys on that topic soon!

Anyway, we’ve been looking forward to this trip since early January and I’m so glad it’s finally here! So, what to pack?! I always let packing sneak up on me, but when you’re going to the beach, there’s only a few essentials you really need.

I had plans to do some shopping before I left so I could get some new fun summery pieces, but it sorta snuck up on me. In addition, I did get a few new swimsuits and cover-ups from Amazon (they’re in the round-up below), and a whole bunch of stuff from Owen, but I ended up packing a bunch of my old favorites. Also, I did some browsing on Monday (which meant it was too late to ship in time for our trip) and there’s so many cute new spring pieces that I wanted to share for any beach trips or spring breaks you have coming up! excited for this trip!

What to Pack for a Beach Getaway

Swimsuits & Coverups

The most obvious items, right?! I always pack at least two swimsuits so I can have one dry one every day. I’m bringing a few extra this trip, because why not! I always struggle with the cover-up thing, but I bought this one and this one from Amazon and they’re both so cute! Also, I love that this one has longer sleeves so if I want to give my skin a break from the sun, I can cover them up.

Swingy Casual Dresses

I’m really a minimalist when it comes to beach trips. I don’t like getting all dressed up with tons of makeup, fancy outfits or accessories. I just want to be comfortable—it’s my vacation after all! Honestly, I love a good swingy casual dress though and I packed a few for this trip. I did bring one that was a little bit nicer because we’re going out for Rob’s birthday one night, but that’s it! Every thing else is all about comfort.


I always have a hard time packing light on shoes—shoes are easily my favorite accessory! I usually pack one or two pairs of sandals because I like having one pair that I can wear to the beach and pool and not worry about getting banged up, and another pair for going out to eat or walk around town. I’m packing one pair of heeled sandals for said date night though and this pair made the cut—still one of my favorite buys EVER.

I also love bringing a pair of espadrilles, like these that I’ve had for several years. They’re so comfortable and look super cute.

Lastly, a pair of sneakers. Chances are we’ll get out of the hotel and go exploring one days, so I want something comfortable to wear. If you like to workout on vacation, make sure whichever pair of sneakers you pack can also be worn to the gym. I’m bringing these because they look cute with denim shorts and a cute tee and work great at the gym too!

Tops & Bottoms

For the most part, I opt to wear a dress as often as I can when we go to the beach, but I do like having a couple of comfortable t-shirts or tanks to wear with denim shorts. I bought this pair last year and I love them. Not too short and love the frayed hem.

Sun Accessories

Like I mentioned, I like to keep my accessories to a minimum. I usually stick with a hat to wear to the beach (a baseball cap works great!) and sunglasses. If you’re going somewhere where you want to look nicer, bring a cute woven bags and a few pairs of statement earrings to pair with your breezy dresses.

Skincare & Beauty

I always pack tons of non-toxic sunscreen. Rob and Owen both have very fair skin, so we go through a lot of it. I also wear it head to toe, but don’t burn as quickly as they do. I also packed this sea salt hair spray for easy air-dried beach waves. I’m keeping my skincare routine a little simpler on this trip because I find that my skin is more sensitive after being in the sun for a few days and I don’t want to irritate it. A basic cleanser, toner and moisturizer will do. I’ve actually just been rolling a little bit of frankincense essential oil on my face in lieu of moisturizer because I find I don’t need much then the weather is warm.

Lastly, a packed a mini dry brush and body oil! I’ve heard that dry brushing and moisturizing after being in the sun can help your tan last longer and make your skin look extra glowy!

Other Things

A few other things I packed: some workout clothes because I might pop into the gym while Owen naps one afternoon or go for a long beach walk, lavender oil to ensure good, restful sleep, and my stress away roller (click here for the best way to get these) because ain’t no stress following me to the beach! I picked up a book to read too, but jury’s out on whether or not we’ll get a chance to read it. Rob and I may have to switch off parent duties so we can both get some relaxing beach time in.

For Owen

Traveling with kids is no joke—they require so much stuff other than diapers and clothe! We brought a carseat, this Minu stroller that is amazing for travel (folds down with one hand), and his travel crib (we LOVE this one, folds up & down so easily!). You can usually request a crib from the hotel, but they’re pretty small and I wasn’t sure he’d fit into it anymore, so we brought one we know he’s comfortable in. I also packed some easy snacks for him like store-bought fiber and oat bars and pouches so we have food in a pinch.

I can’t wait to see him in his new swim trunks and rash guard and his new sandals! Last year we went and all his dry spots vanished in the humid air within 24 hours, hoping that happens again because we’re still struggling to find the right product to keep his dry spots/eczema at bay. Any suggestions welcome!

Like I said, when going to the beach, I like to keep it simple! Hope this helps you pack for your next beach getaway!!

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