What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

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I don’t know about you, but wedding season is starting early for us this year. We fly out to Austin on Friday to celebrate the wedding between two of our good friends that used to live in Chicago, but now live in L.A.—which reminds me, we should probably visit them more often, especially in winter! I can’t wait to be back in Texas for a few days and get my fill of Mexican food and sunshine. If you’ve never been to Austin, add it to your list, it’s such a cool, relaxed city.

I’ve never been someone who goes out and buys new dresses for weddings. Well, unless I’m a bridesmaid, but that’s different! Even for my own wedding, I didn’t put that much thought into my outfits for different showers, parties and dinners. In hindsight, I kind of wish I did because it was the perfect excuse to buy every cute white dress I could find and I totally missed my opportunity. Instead, I wait until the very last second and dig through my closet for something to wear, and typically I find something that works just fine!

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spring fringe dress
what to wear to a spring wedding

@jcrew dress in red fringe

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fringy tweed red dress

But a few weeks ago, I came across this coral-red dress fringe dress on Nordstrom. It’s actually J.Crew, but did you know that Nordstrom now carries J.Crew?!! That’s already been dangerous for me, ha! I instantly fell in love with the color and the cut, and of course—anything with fringe or tassels is up my alley. It’s a teensy bit big in the hips for me, but I don’t really have hips, so I might have it taken in, but you can see from the pictures, it’s not obvious.

I balanced out the red with these light blue tassel earrings, tassel lace up sandals and a simple grey clutch. Some might say that I went overboard on the tassels here, but I disagree! Since everything I’m wearing is solid in color, it keeps the outfit from getting too busy, but adds plenty of interest and personality! This clutch has been a savior for weddings! In the past, I never had the right kind of bag to take to weddings as I usually buy cross body bags that are good for city living. Every time we’d go to a wedding, I’d be scrambling at the last second and end up carrying one of those because I didn’t have anything else. I love this clutch because the grey matches just about anything I end up wearing. It’s also smaller than a cross body bag and looks more appropriate for weddings. It comes in a bunch of other colors if grey isn’t your thing!


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red dress outfit

what to wear to a summer wedding
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The other great thing about this dress is that it could easily be worn to work (it’s not too short or low-cut) or any other festive parties you have coming up. I’m thinking I might wear it to Shaheen’s upcoming baby shower and Easter too!

I’m so excited for the weekend and getting to explore Austin a bit more! I really want to go back to Elizabeth Street Cafe because we love Vietnamese food, but if you have any other Austin recommendations (especially Mexican food!), please leave them below!

Do you buy new dresses for weddings? Do you have any weddings coming up soon?

BTW, what I wore to my sister’s rehearsal dinner, and how to dress down your fancy pieces for everyday wear.

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