How to Dress Down Your Fancy Pieces for Everyday

woodstock maxi dress

There’s some pieces in my closet that I absolutely love. I’ll put them on, stand in front of the mirror admiring them and then wonder aloud, “when am I going to wear this?!” and not having a good answer.

Typically I just avoid buying pieces that are too dressy, but when you find one that you fall head over heels for something, it’s hard to change your mind. You start reminding yourself of all the events you have coming up that you could wear it to, and debating whether or not you really need it. Before you know it, it’s in your cart and you’re hitting checkout, but you don’t even care because it’s gorgeous and you’re happy—you’ll find somewhere to wear it!

This stunning maxi dress from Yumi Kim is one of those pieces.

black floral dress

floral maxi dress

fall outfit ideas
boho chic

fall maxi dress

We live a pretty casual and relaxed lifestyle so buying fancy pieces is a rarity for me. Maybe I should just blame Chicago for this because the city is just to casual. Even our date nights, one of the times I’ll get dressed up, are pretty laid back. We skip the stuffy, over-priced restaurants in lieu of unique spots with great food, so it’s rare that I have an occasion to wear a dress like this. But I recently decided that just because I don’t have the occasion doesn’t mean I can’t wear my prettiest pieces.

The key to making your fancy pieces work for everyday is adding accessories to dress it down. A slouchy hobo bag, flats instead of heels, or in this case, pairing a wide woven belt with this dress makes this whole look more boho than elegant! Pairing a stand-out piece with more casual shoes, bags and accessories gives a perfect medium that’s totally stylish, but not pretentious!

how to wear a maxi dress in the fall

date night outfit

fall boho outfit
street style

chicago street style

With our weekend date night coming up, I’m already planning on wearing this dress again, but with booties and a leather jacket for a chic, but relaxed fall look. The only question left? Where to go?!

Do you have pieces like this? How do you dress down your fancier pieces?

photography by Julie Kennedy

BTW, an afternoon in wine country, and my thoughts on saving for something special.

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