Why Clean Beauty ACTUALLY Matters + 8 Really Cute Holiday Sets

why clean beauty ACTUALLY matters to your overall health

yes, this is my actual bathroom counter—I love trying new products and all these are clean!

I get a lot of people asking me, does clean beauty really matter?! The short answer: YES! But, let me explain, because I was once just as skeptical as you might be. I know I rag on clean beauty a lot over here, but that’s because it’s been a big part of my own life as I’ve learned more and more about what being “healthy” really means to me. If you’re new here, haven’t made the switch or at least started to, I wanted to write a post that explains why clean beauty is actually better for us!

When I first started down a path to better health a few years ago, just about the time we were thinking of starting a family, I remember reading a book that talked about how important it was to remove skincare products with potentially harmful and toxic ingredients in them was to our overall health. I literally laughed—YA, right. There was no way that my foundation or cheap-o acne face wash from the drugstore was going to make a difference in how I felt day to day.

But by the end of the book, I’d changed my tune. Before, I didn’t really think about how my body worked, how certain systems and hormones were connected. How our liver is our detox organ and by filling it with even more toxins, could make it function slower and result in skin problems, and worse things like reproductive issues and breast cancer.

Okay, I don’t say all this to scare you, but just to make you aware! Learning all of this was so eye-opening to me and really changed my whole perspective on what a healthy lifestyle looked like. It wasn’t just about eating well and working out regularly. It was the products we use on our bodies, in our homes, the water we drink, the amount of stress we have in our lives and how much sleep we’re getting. Point being—it’s all interconnected, so putting a little work into each one of these areas can have big pay-off in how we feel!

And here’s the other thing, out of all the things that we’re hit with each day—pollution, pesticides in food, tap water, stress—our skincare and beauty products are one of the SIMPLEST ways to make improvements in your health. And, it’s really fun! I have to admit that it’s turned me into a bit of a skincare junkie, ha!

I remember sitting on my floor over two years ago, overwhelmed by the massive pile of products that had those no-no ingredients in them vs. the very small pile that was safe. The thought of tossing all of those out and buying all new ones was daunting, and depressing. Just think about how much money those things cost! But, I don’t suggest you make one clean sweep, though, if you want to, by all means, GO FOR IT! But, if you’re like me, replacing everything seemed scary, overwhelming and expensive. So, start slow! As you run out of one thing, replace it with a cleaner product, boom! Before you know it, you’ll have a whole makeup bag and skincare cabinet that you can feel really good about!

I started a clean beauty email list!

Okay, so if you’re on the fence or want to learn more about clean beauty, I’d love for you sign up for my new list. In these I’m sharing my better beauty basics and making it more attainable and manageable and less overwhelming. Plus, I offer some awesome deals and a special little surprise just for signing up—hint hint, if you were on the fence, maybe that’ll convince you to sign up!

Clean Beauty for Beginners

In these casual emails, I’m teaching my clean beauty basics! Things like why clean beauty ACTUALLY matters, my favorite product recs and how to make the switch without throwing out everything you own! 

P.S. I also do giveaways that are only available to my subscribers!  So, what are you waiting for?! 

    Back to the present day! Is my skin now perfect? No, but it’s come a long long way! My breakouts are far less intense and less frequent and usually due to stress, ugh, that’s still a battle for me! Which is why, for me, a big part of getting healthier is my attitude. When I know I’m making small steps—eating healthier, getting out and walking more, choosing positivity or negativity and using products that are better for me—it becomes a domino effect, and it makes it easier to keep choosing the healthier route.

    Okay, so I’ll get off my soapbox! Like I said, we’re hit with so many toxins each and every day, and out of all of those, swapping out your beauty and skincare products is one of the easiest and definitely the most fun!

    Thankfully, now there are so many amazing clean beauty companies out there that are creating amazing, luxurious products that actually work, sometimes better than the dirty stuff! If you’re not sure where to start, I love Beautycounter, so much so that I joined as a consultant. All my makeup is Beautycounter, as well as a hefty chunk of my skincare products, if you want to see all my favorites from their line, click here. I also love TULA, Juice Beauty, Primally Pure, Tata Harper, Drunk Elephant, and Kopari—I wouldn’t say there’s one “best” line, it all depends on your skin type and what you end up liking the most.

    With the holidays coming up, and more parties (booze, food you might not typically eat) why not make one swap? JUST ONE! That’s all I challenge you to! Maybe your moisturizer or your foundation or your lipstick! Simple, small steps add up to big things!

    Okay, now onto a few fun clean holiday sets that Beautycounter just launched! Honestly, I can’t believe I’m writing about the holidays, and I promise the rest of my holiday content won’t come until November! BUT, these will go fast, so I wanted to share so you can snag them while you can! I wrote a little bit about each package below, so I hope that helps! And, if you ever have any questions about specific products or what’s best for your skin type, just reach out to me at thefoxandshe(at)gmail.com and let’s chat!

    Clean Holiday Beauty Sets

    ONE // Mini Color Intense Lipstick Vault: This lipstick is EASILY my favorite! I just ordered this for myself, whoops! Maybe I’ll share with my sisters, haha! They stay on really well, have gorgeous bold color and a nice peppermint smell to them! Even better, there’s a few limited edition colors in here!

    TWO // Shimmer & Shine Body Set: I absolutely love this scrub! I haven’t tried the other two products in here, but have heard they’re great and would definitely keep your skin looking glowy throughout the winter months! I think my mom would love this!

    THREE // Necessary Neutrals Palette: If you have a palette like this (I also love this one) in your makeup bag, you probably won’t need to buy another one for a VERY long time. You can make so many different looks from this! I’m no eye makeup pro, but I neutrals are my jam and this one is stunning!

    FOUR // Counterman Travel Set: This was so popular last year that it sold out in a few hours! Rob is always stealing my skincare products, so I figured he’d like something of his own! I also love that it’s charcoal grey so it looks manly—very important in convincing your guy to try better products, ha!

    FIVE // Instant Awakening Trio: If you have any new mom friends (or maybe you’re a new mom), this little set would be such a good gift. I don’t know about you guys, but my eyes were the first thing that gave away just how tired I was. These new eye patches would have been great those first few months. I also love these products for travel—as soon as you get off the plane, apply and your skin will look amazing!

    SIX // Mini Lip Gloss Vault: Complete with ten beautiful colors that’ll have you covered year round! It’s made up of customer favorites as well as few new shades. I love the neutrals in here as well as the bolder colors for date nights. This lip gloss goes on beautifully, isn’t sticky and smells a bit like peppermint!

    SEVEN // Travel Body Essentials Set: What a better time to get a travel set than the holidays! I don’t know about you guys, but we travel more in these next couple months than we typically do, and we’re gone for longer periods of time. I like to keep up my normal routine while I’m gone to not disrupt my skin, so having a good travel set is key!

    EIGHT // Charcoal Essentials: Last, but not least! These two products are a powerhouse for breakout-prone skin (I would know!). I use this mask at least once a week and wash my face, chest and back with the charcoal soap every other day and it’s been a huge help in getting rid of breakouts and keeping new ones from forming.

    Well, that’s all I got for ya! We’re heading to the gym a bit for our weekly workout! Happy shopping!

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