Would You Want to Be Famous?

would you want to be famous?

Rob and I have had this conversation so many times and it’s a funny one. When I first think of fame, I instantly think of Hollywood, but there are so many things you could be famous for! It seems, at least from my outward perspective, that being famous has a lot of pros and cons, and everyone weighs them differently.

Next time you have a dinner party and need a good ice breaker game, ask your guests this question! It’s so entertaining and I always find that people really get into it and get pretty creative!

I love the idea of having a personal trainer, private chef and living in sunny California (especially when winter hits). Just think of how healthy and well-rested I might be! Having endless amounts of cash to decorate my home exactly how I want and to be able to travel whenever and wherever I wanted in an instant would be pretty nice too.

But, ultimately, I always decide that being a famous actress or model isn’t for me. I hate being in the limelight and don’t deal with stress that well. More than anything I just wouldn’t want to constantly be watched and criticized by the whole world! But, maybe if I was famous for something else? Maybe I’d be cool with being a cookbook author like Ina Garten or something like that. She seems to get more of the perks of fame and misses out on the harsh judgement of gossip magazines.That doesn’t sound all so bad, does it?!

But, everyone is different, so tell me—would being famous be something you’d like? Hate? Would you want to be a famous actress, model, writer, athlete, etc? And why?! I love hearing people’s answer to this question, I always feel like I learn a little bit more about them!

BTW, did you change your name after marriage, and are you a coffee or tea drinker?

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