Are You a Coffee or Tea Drinker?

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Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning? Or neither? Sometimes I forget that’s an option too, ha!

Like plenty of people, my love for coffee started in college. I might have tried coffee once in high school, but hated it then. It wasn’t until college that my tastebuds grew up a bit, and I found a real need for a morning (or late night) brew. If we’d had a long night, waking up was easier with a cup of coffee, and staying up late studying at the library was made possible, all in part by coffee.

By the time I graduated, coffee was simply a part of my morning routine and still is today. I actually love tea too! But, instead of drinking it in the morning, I usually have peppermint or sleepy time at night to help me fall asleep.

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At home, my morning routine is a little bit more on a tight schedule with Oliver and doesn’t allow time to sit around in the morning with my coffee, but over Thanksgiving break I took full advantage. With all the family in town, our mornings were long and lazy. We’d spend several hours hanging out in the living room before actually getting our day started, and it was magical.

As much as I love hanging out at home in the mornings, I also love getting out and going to a coffee shop for a change of scenery. On our last day in town, I woke up and put on this adorable pink ruffled sweater I had picked up from Nordstrom just the week before. It’s the perfect weight and the color is so pretty. It also comes in a grey version and a black and white striped version that I almost got instead of this one—they’re both so cute!

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I paired it with jeans and these flat booties that I also snagged at Nordstrom. They’re suede and super comfortable! I’ve been seriously needing a pair of flat booties and I’m so glad I finally got this pair—I’ve been wearing them constantly. After browsing through all of the flat booties, I found a few more that I love…

After picking up coffee, we walked around a bit and enjoyed all of the holiday decor before heading home for more family activities. It was such a nice way to spend the morning and I keep telling myself I need to do the same thing in Chicago while the city is looking so festive!

Do you drink tea or coffee in the morning? And do you prefer going out for your morning beverage or staying in?

BTW, how to wear a moto jacket when you’re not edgy, and did you live together before marriage?

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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