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Did anyone else have a seriously crazy week last week?

Honestly, it’s been a while since I had a week like that, and the exhaustion I felt by Friday reminded me why I took steps to simplify my life over the past year. I was swamped with work, which ironically usually makes me more productive, and sometime around Thursday afternoon I hit the wall. Hard.

Thankfully I’d knocked out so much work earlier in the week that I didn’t feel one bit bad about sitting around on the couch and sleeping late all weekend.

Out of all the busy days last week, Wednesday was by far the busiest.

cozy fall sweater

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My alarm went off at 6:40am, which I know, isn’t really that early, but I’m not a morning person and dragging myself from under our cozy covers was not easy. Once I was up, I went straight to a big shoot that involved ten outfit changes—yes, you read that right—that started at 8am. To give you perspective, I usually don’t even leave to walk Oliver until 8:15.

But, before I knew it, we were done! It was only 10:30am and I’d already accomplished more in those few hours than I usually do in a full day. After the shoot was over, all I wanted was to be in something comfortable, but still cute for the rest of the day. I threw on a cozy sweater and paired it ripped jeans and sneakers. To finish the look, I added some new accessories from StyleWatch x Charming Charlie Collection, like this cool bracelet, rings, cross body bag and wallet and my personal favorite—this hat!

A few years ago, I told myself I couldn’t pull off a hat, but I wanted to so bad, so finally, I just bought one and wore it and fell in love. They make the simplest of outfits look so chic and refined! The colors in this one will match with just about anything too!

floppy hat for fall

autumn outfit ideas

chicago street style

casual fall look

fall outfit inspiration

We shot these pictures in Lincoln Park, the first neighborhood I lived in when I moved to Chicago. The houses up here are all so dang cute, and if you’re visiting during fall, you should definitely make a stroll through here. When the leaves start changing color, it’s truly a magical place to see!

After a quick lunch at LPQ on Armitage, we cozied up to a table and got back to work writing posts, finishing freelance design work and catching up on my over-flowing inbox. Once the clock hit 5, it was off to the next event—a beautiful dinner hosted by Cuyana and The Everygirl at one of my West Loop favorites, Nellcôte. It was a blast and great to catch up with a bunch of other Chicago bloggers that I hadn’t seen in a while, but by 9, I was ready to hit the hay. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow!

BTW, why I’m (almost) ready to say goodbye to summer, and travel to somewhere over the rainbow.

*photos by Iron & Honey

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