15 Little Treasures for The Home

15 Little Treasures for the Home — via @TheFoxandShe
Last week I was doing a much-needed deep cleaning of our apartment for a shoot. It’s kind of terrifying how messy this place can get. It’s only 1000 square feet! And yet, every week I look around and think how on earth did this happen? I guess we’re messier people than I thought.

While I was tidying up, I rearranged a few small decorative accessories, including this gorgeous bowl I got in Portland, and it gave the space a whole new fresh feel. It’s crazy how the littlest changes can make a space feel so new!

If you’re looking to make some major decor changes, you’ve got to check out Anthropologie’s new home decor collection. They’ve always had amazing stuff, but this new collection is so big and sooooo good! I got the catalog a few days ago and I still find myself browsing the stunning pages. I can’t wait until we have a bigger place and I can fill it with all these gorgeous pieces!

P.S. If you missed our wedding on Style Me Pretty yesterday, you can check it out here! I loved getting to relive it all again, our photographer, Taylor Lord, is so talented!

Rob declared our house a glitter-free home, but this canister would work well for sugar, flour or even dog treats!

I’m looking for a mirror for our entryway and have been loving round ones! I love the braided rope detail on this one and also falling for this one!

I love a good pop of blue and ginger jars are the perfect way to bring some bright blue and white into your home!

I pretty much love everything mirrored and these vases are gorgeous! They’d look so pretty on a white or marble table.

I love the hammered metal part of this big candle holder. It’s so simple and elegant!

Kate Spade is queen of sweet things and this little tray is no different! It’s perfect for holding rings on your bedside table.

I can never have enough glass vases. I love these small ones from Furbish for a single bloom!

I tend to misplace rings, so having a safe place to hold them is important! I love this gold ring holder and the whimsical whale tail!

I’m in love with the organic shape and the color of these glass vases. They’d be beautiful grouped or on their own in the middle of a table.

Fun coasters make it easy to protect your table! When there’s no drinks, they look great too!

I’m a sucker for gold decorative accessories and this one is no different. It’d look great stacked on top of books or as a paper-weight.

I keep a bowl of matches on our coffee table, but I love this little guy! I think one of these is in my future!

I’ve loved these dogs for years! They’d make a great addition to any shelves!

If you’re not into metallic decorative objects, these colorful glass knots are perfect. I love the organic shape and twisted glass.

I’ve been looking for a centerpiece for our little marble tulip table and I think one or two of these taper holders would be perfect!

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