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Try This 4 Step, Energy-Shifting Morning Routine

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Try this energy-shifting morning routine

I’ll be the first to admit that creating a morning routine is not something that has come easy to me. This girl loves her sleep, and any chance to hit snooze is usually taken.

But, with winter coming to an end and the days getting longer, it’s actually been feeling good to me to get up a little early and get some time to myself before the chaos of mom life ensues. Before I go any further, I can 100% promise you this morning routine does not involve getting up at 5am. I know some of you do that and that’s amazing, but I’m just not there yet, haha!

One thing I’ve learned is that the course of my whole day is usually set in the first 45 minutes after I wake up. If I can make those first 45 minutes amazing, then my day usually follows suit. And, if things do go awry, it’s easier for me to get back to positive thinking and move past whatever has disrupted my energy.

I haven’t talked about it much lately, but I’m a big believer in energy, the law of attraction and that when you feel good, more good comes to you. It’s been proven to me time and time again, so that’s really the goal of this morning routine— to shift your energy and vibrations to something positive and joyful so that you won’t be rocked by the little things that are sure to pop up throughout your day.

Energy-Shifting Morning Routine

Give Yourself a Moment to Breathe

I’m guilty of waking up and immediately grabbing my phone and scrolling Instagram or checking my email. It never serves me well. I end up feeling behind or putting myself in a lack mentality before my feet have even hit the ground. Instead, I turn off my alarm and close my eyes to say a prayer or intention for the day.

Quick Stretch

I pop my feet over the bed, say a quick gratitude for my body and all that it does for me and do a quick side to side stretch. It awakens my body to stretch and taking a moment to give gratitude for my body also helps me to fuel it with healthy foods throughout the day.

easy morning routine for moms

Get Ready

I don’t always get dressed immediately, but it does set the tone, so I’ve been doing it more lately. Usually it’s workout clothes because that makes me more likely to be active or get a workout in. I also do my skincare routine so I’m ready to jump into my day.

Something Just for You

In a perfect world, I’d love to go for a quick walk, then journal and then meditate, but let’s be real. I have two small children and while I could make time for all these things before 7am, my sleeping schedule is more important to me.

So, at this point, I typically only have about 30 minutes or so before it’s time to get the kids up. So, I’m suggesting you do something just for you. It can be journaling, stretching, a quick yoga flow, a walk around the block, coffee alone in your favorite spot, reading a book, meditating—you get the point. Something that YOU enjoy and that makes you feel good and aligned before jumping into the day. Even 5 minutes of one of these activities will shift your energy more than zero minutes!

I do a little bit of work, because finding time to finish work is getting harder the less Jack naps, and then once I finish my work task, I do a little stretch, and mostly just enjoy this quiet time by myself.

That’s it! What I’ve learned is that it really doesn’t take that much effort to shift your energy and move back into a place of love and alignment with your greater self. And, when you do, life just flows! Give this Energy-Shifting Morning Routine a go this week and let me know how it feels for you!

BTW, how to receive signs from the universe to know you’re on the right path, and 5 ways to make life simpler.



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