5 Face Masks You Need in your Beauty Cabinet

homemade facial

the best face masks for a homemade facial

I’ve long been obsessed with face masks, and they’re one of my best tips for how to get clear skin. I became somewhat addicted to them when I noticed how much nicer my skin looked after masking on a regular basis. Plus, it’s such a relaxing part of my skincare routine as it’s kind of like a homemade facial! Afterwards, my skin looks and feels hydrated and refreshed, and overtime it only gets better!

In a perfect world, I like to apply a mask 3-4x a week, but believe me, it doesn’t always happen. Usually it’s more like 1-2. Before masking, make sure you’re starting with a clean face. Start by removing your makeup—I love this cleansing balm from Beautycounter. Then wash your face with your normal cleanser. I’ve been using this one from Tata Harper in tandem with my Clarisonic for a good deep clean. Pat your skin dry and apply your mask! Each mask is different, so make sure to follow the directions!

Charcoal Mask

Charcoal has long been appreciated for its healing powers and if you have oily skin, this is one you should definitely add to your weekly routine. I use this balancing charcoal mask at least once a week. It pulls out impurities like blackheads, and soaks up excess oil and helps balance your skin. I also love this one!

Resurfacing Mask

If my skin needs a quick boost, I always reach for one of my resurfacing masks. My two favorites are the Blue Tansy mask from Herbivore Botanicals and the Resurfacing Mask from Tata Harper. To be honest, I have no idea how they work, but they help to exfoliate and get rid of that dead layer of skin cells. After you’re done, your skin will look glowy and dewy.

Clay Mask

These masks are some of my favorite. They do an incredible job of pulling out impurities that lie below the surface! My favorite is this Umbrian Clay mask from Fresh. Do note that you’re only suppose to leave it on for 3-5 minutes. I used to think the longer the better, but if you leave it on too long it can be drying and cause more damage than good. Always, always read the instructions! I also love this one and I’ve been wanting to try this one!

best face masks

Apple Peel

Okay, technically this one isn’t a mask, but it’s magic and if you have acne-prone skin like I do, I highly recommend using a gentle peel once or twice a week. Essentially it’s an exfoliator. My skin gets rough and bumpy even when it’s not broken out and this helps get rid of all those dead skin cells that build up on our faces. Overtime it’s made the texture and tone of my skin so much better and smoother. I used the pregnancy version throughout my pregnancy and will use it while I breastfeed, but the real version is here and if you have sensitive skin, try this one.

Brightening Mask

I love using a brightening or vitamin C mask at least once a week as well. It’s great if you have dark spots or hyper pigmentation. They just seem to give your skin a really fresh glow! I always feel like my skin actually looks brighter and more awake after I use this one. My tip? Use it in the morning for beautiful glowy skin all day long! I really want to try this one as well.

Do you use face masks on a regular basis? What masks do you love? I’d love your recommendations!

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