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7 Real Ways to Spend Less Money This Month While Feeling More Grateful than Ever

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We all know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but, can spending less actually make you feel happier and more grateful? We’re discussing how to spend less money and find more peace and contentment.

7 Ways to Spend Less Money While Feeling More Grateful |

One major thing I’ve learned about gratitude is that being grateful brings us into the present moment. It creates more awareness, and when we’re aware of what’s happening and what’s causing us to feel a certain way, we can make the necessary changes to improve our surrounding. Thus improving our lives and making us feel even more thankful for what we do have. 

Gratitude is a practice in choosing to see the good around us. Even if you feel like your whole world has been turned upside down, there is always something to find gratitude for. The more you practice searching for things, the easier it gets, and the more content you feel. 

Today, I wanted to share 7 real ways to spend less money and still live a life you love, all while finding more gratitude for your life and everything in it. 

How to Spend Less Money & Find More Gratitude

Cook More Meals at Home 

cook at home

One of the easiest ways to cut back on spending is to cook at home. Yes, it does require a little extra planning, but purchasing groceries for the week versus takeout for a week will save you so much money, and will be so much healthier. 

Joining around the table to eat at home promotes connection, builds relationships and bonds family members. Getting to spend this extra time together is so special and allows you to sink into those feelings of gratitude for your family, the food on the table and the conversations you have.

Exercise Outdoors

Cancel your gym membership and get outside! Whether it’s summer or winter, getting outside can help reduce anxiety and depression. You get the added benefit of sunshine and fresh air, plus—it’s totally free.

You can invite a friend to join you and make it a social outing, or go alone and reap the benefits of being in nature and connecting with yourself.

Whenever I spend time outside, it’s easier for me to be grateful for so many things—where I live, sunshine, the weather, a body that carries me on my walk, and more.

Clean Out your Closet

clean out closet

The less stuff I have, I find that I’m more grateful for what I do have. Funny how that works, huh? When we get rid of the clutter and excess stuff, we can literally see more clearly, feel more relaxed and at ease. Your closet is no exception.

Donating or tossing old items that no longer fit or you don’t wear allows you to feel excited when you walk into your closet every day and get dressed in something that makes you feel great. 

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Be mindful and aware while doing this—you’re sure to be reminded of fun events or experiences you had while wearing a certain piece of clothing. Let yourself feel grateful for those moments.

Host Instead of Going Out

Going out to dinner or drinks with friends can quickly add up. Before you know it, you’ve spent $100 a person, and more if you had to hire a babysitter. If you want to spend less, invite friends over instead of going out. Ask everyone to bring something, or only offer appetizers to keep costs down. 

You’ll also get the added benefit of being in your home which is quieter than a restaurant or bar and gives you more of a chance to connect and have real conversations.

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We do this often because it’s easier than planning a big outing and I always leave feeling immensely grateful for the incredible friends I have in my life.

Clean Out the Pantry & Fridge

Does anyone else have a jam-packed pantry and freezer? Every so often, I love challenging myself and really digging into what we have. There will be plenty of things that aren’t worth keeping, but you’ll also find plenty of stuff that are totally good! Aim to create your meals at home and use up what you have. It’s like the Food Network’s Chopped challenge, but without the one weird ingredient. 

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When you have less to work with, it’s actually easier to make a decision which creates more calm. 

This practice all sparks creativity and can make you instantly more grateful for everything you have in your pantry to feed you and your family.

Do a Social Media Detox

do a social media detox

I can’t tell you how many times I’m on social media and come across some product that an influencer is promoting, or get served an ad that has me browsing. Simply taking a social media break can make it easier to not feel tempted to buy anything. 

Taking a step-back and spending less time on our phones has also been linked to more peace, less stress and less anxiety.

Chances are you’ll feel a sense of ease, peace and feel more grateful for the things around you when you take time off social media and screens because you are more aware and living in the present moment.

Cancel Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be really handy for some things, but if you aren’t keeping track, you might be spending money month after month on something you don’t even use.

Take 15 minutes and scroll through your latest bank or credit card statement to see if there are any subscriptions or memberships that you’re no longer using.

If so, unsubscribe immediately and be grateful that you’ll be saving that money in future months.

Gratitude is simply a mindset and is something we can strive for everyday. I hope this inspired you to easily save money and feel more grateful without sacrificing on things or experiences that are important to you or bring you joy.

BTW, 10 ways to make your home more peaceful, and 10 unexpected ways to find joy in every day.



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