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It was a few years ago that I picked up a copy of WomanCode and started rethinking every product in my bathroom. It was a daunting task, so I started with one change and went from there. I’m not sure why, but I decided that switching to natural deodorant would be where I started. Probably because Rob had also been on my case for a long time to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant. I’ve been testing different ones since then and Native is a new favorite (the scents are SO good!).

For months, I blew him off. Surely, I thought, it couldn’t be that big of a deal, but mostly I worried that natural deodorant wouldn’t work that well. And, really, who wants to walk around being stinky? Answer—no one (I think!).

But, after learning that toxic ingredients in our products can be absorbed directly into our bloodstream and cause other problems like acne, disease and even reproductive problems, I figured I’d go for it. We were starting to think about starting a family and if I could give myself any extra help, why not.

Since I didn’t know much about natural deodorant at that time, I just went to the store and bought whatever they had. Sadly, that one, which will remain nameless, did not work at all. Thankfully I’ve found a few that work (like Native!) and have learned how to make the switch a little easier as well!

why I switched to natural deodorant

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How to Switch to Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Switch

Our skin is our bodies’ largest organ and one of the ways our body gets rid of toxins. This happens through sweating, and as we all know, our pits tend to sweat more than other areas of our bodies, hence deodorant! But, deodorants with aluminum block actually block our bodies’ natural ability to sweat. Since sweating is one way that our body rids itself of toxins, imagine how much nasty stuff gets stuck in our bits when that function is blocked!

Getting used to sweating again is an adjustment, and was one of the hardest things for me to get used to when I switched, but it’s natural and normal and good for us! And here I am, two years later and rarely think about it. So, if you get embarrassed when you sweat, try thinking about how good it is for you!

Allowing our body to function the way it’s designed to is just one step you can take to better your health! Just making one small change like this every so often adds up to big changes that will greatly improve your well-being and health for the long run.

Picking a Deodorant

All natural deodorants are not created equally! The very first one I used was terrible. It did nothing for me and I almost gave up on my quest all together because of that. But thankfully, there are a lot of good ones out there. One of those being Native, which I’ve been testing out for the past month and a half. I like to give any natural deodorant at least a month for my body to adjust to it so that I can give you guys an honest review.

When it comes to scent, lavender is always my go-to, so I picked their lavender and rose scent which smells so fresh and feminine. I also got a sample pack to try a few more and from those my favorite was the coconut and vanilla which wasn’t a surprise since it’s their best seller! If you’re not into scent, there’s unscented and they also have seasonal scents which is fun—the fall ones sound pretty nice!

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Detox Period

Some people say this didn’t happen to them, but it did to me. For the first few weeks (maybe 2 weeks), I smelled pretty bad. But, the good news is that it’s normal and just a part of your pits detoxing. I almost threw in the towel again, but held out and it was so worth it! Now, I rarely smell—only after a really intense workout, and even then, it’s not strong. Occasionally I’ll even forget deodorant all together and since my pits are detoxed, you can barely tell!

If Irritation Occurs

At the end of the day, every one is different and everyone’s skin is different. I don’t have “sensitive” skin, but if you find that the regular version of Native bothers you a bit, definitely try the sensitive version. I’ve had several friends with sensitive skin say that they love that one!

how and why to switch to natural deodorant

At the end of the day, it’s 100% worth testing multiple natural deodorants until you find the one that works for you. Oh, and if you’re trying to get your guy to make the change too, they have some great scents designed for men as well! Rob’s getting this one soon!

Have you made the switch to natural deodorant? Have you tried Native yet?

Thanks to Native, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this make The Fox & She possible!

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