How We Split the Holidays Between Our Families

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Rob and I have been married for a little over 4 years now and since then, we’ve been splitting the holidays between our two families that live in Dallas (mine) and Denver (his). I know a lot of people split holidays before they’re married, but both of us are really close with our families and since we rarely get to see them, we waited to officially split the holidays until we were married.

Our first holiday season came up and it was actually easy to decide where to go for which holiday because Rob’s family had planned a big trip to Italy with another family over Thanksgiving. So, that first year we went to Italy with his family and then spent Christmas with my family in Dallas.

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Since that year, we flip flop every year. So, the next year, we did Thanksgiving with my family in Dallas and Christmas with his family in Denver. The one exception was Thanksgiving last year. Rob’s family came to us because Owen was only 2 weeks old! I was so thankful that they flew back to Chicago to spend the week with us so that we didn’t have to be alone. There was no chance I was flying with a 2 week old!

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Rob and I were the first ones in both of our families to get married so we just did what worked for us. And, thankfully, since then, Rob’s sister and my middle sister have both gotten married and they’ve hopped on our schedule too. That means that we’re both home and away at the same time!

For me, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I do feel bad leaving either set of parents totally alone (well, my youngest sister still comes to both!), but they always come up with really cool stuff to do, trips to take or untraditional ways of celebrating. I’m really close with both of my sisters and would be heartbroken if I didn’t get to see them during at least one holiday! It’s rare that we see each other more than 3x a year, so I can’t be not seeing them during the holidays!

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That’s how we split up our holidays between our two families. I’m sure as we get older and have more kids and my sisters’ families grow as well, it will get more complicated. And, maybe we’ll be going to different houses or even staying at our own. For now, this is what we do and it works for us!

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How do you split the holidays between families? Do you see both every holiday? Do they come to you?! Share in the comments—I love hearing other people’s traditions!

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