Should You Invest in a New Camera?

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Last week I was eating lunch with some of my blogger girls and we got to talking about cameras and when and if we should upgrade. When I first started, I had a Rebel T1i and a little over a year ago when I started taking my blog and my photography more seriously, I upgraded to a Canon 60D and a 35mm lens. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, and I actually love the camera, but Kelly just upgraded to the Canon 5D Markiii with the 50mm 1.2 lens and it’s amazing. Do I need it, no, but gosh I want it! It’s a bigger camera and I love the way it works, I got to shoot Kelly last week with it and I really didn’t want to hand it back over.

But, anyway back to that conversation.. we all get questions from readers asking what camera we use and while I’m always happy to share, I always think that I should also give you a little disclaimer. So here it is! Just because you invest in the fancy camera and the fancy lens, you’re not guaranteed to have gorgeous images. You absolutely must learn how to work your camera’s manual setting and master the editing process in Lightroom.

There’s countless times that I’ve heard of bloggers who have gone out and bought super expensive cameras and are mind-boggled why they’re photos don’t look like their favorite bloggers’ photos do. Any blogger with gorgeous images will tell you that it’s not just about the camera — a lot of the work is done in post-processing within Lightroom. If you shoot in RAW, editing is required because the images that come from the RAW files are not the same as what you see with your eye. They’re a bit dull actually, so editing is essential! But shooting in RAW makes it so much easier to Lightroom because you’re working with so much more data than a JPG file. That’s a whole different subject though.

So my advice to you is to buy the camera and lens that you can afford. Don’t bust your budget to get the Markiii if you have zero experience with photography. Master the basics and upgrade when you feel that your skill level needs it. The entry level Canon Rebel is a great place to start and I highly recommend getting the 35mm lens (instead of the 50mm) for and camera that has a crop sensor and isn’t full frame. It’ll give you a wider angle than a 50mm and is generally more versatile. I’ve loved it for traveling and it also takes better outfit and lifestyle shots than my old 50mm did!

Are you thinking about purchasing a new camera? What questions have you had? What are you looking at buying?

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