What’s Your Take on Push Presents?

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I’m getting to that age where a majority of my friends married and a bunch of them are starting to have babies or already have a few. It seems like just yesterday everyone was just getting engaged, where did all the time go?!

A few years ago, I had talked to a friend who was pregnant and told me her neighbor was getting a brand new Mercedes for her push present. My first question? What the heck was a push present?! She quickly explained that it was a gift a husband gave to his wife to mark the birth of their child. It made sense, but the Mercedes? Seriously?!!!

Ever since then, the mention of the word ‘push present’ causes me to roll my eyes.

Just last week I saw a picture on Facebook that got my wheels turning on the subject of push presents. It was a image of a girl holding her baby in her arms and the caption simply said ‘My push present’. It made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This girl got me. Why? Because her captioned held so much truth in it. The real gift after nine months isn’t a material object, but the life you’ve brought into the world and the joy that life will bring your over the years.

Since entering into this stage of adulthood, all I’ve come to know about push presents is that they’re an excuse for a wife to ask her husband for something she otherwise wouldn’t have received or bought for herself like an expensive designer handbag, or heck, maybe even a new car. Frankly, it saddens me a bit. Is the healthy delivery of your baby and a safe birth for the mother not good enough anymore? Have we lost sight of the real miracle and magic of child birth? Or do we simply need an excuse to get that new handbag?

All that being said, I don’t think all gifts that mark a child’s birth are a bad thing. I love the idea of a simple necklace with the baby’s initial, or a locket that you can keep a sweet picture of your little nugget in or even something intangible, like the promise of your first family vacation once the baby starts sleeping through the night. But can we not call them push presents? The term makes me cringe.

Whether or not you think push presents are good or bad, can we at least agree that a brand new Mercedes is absolutely ridiculous? Since we don’t have children, I know that my perspective is different than others and I’d love to hear what you think on the topic? Love it? Hate it?! Let’s hear it!

On another note, how gorgeous is that nursery? It was designed by one of my favorites, Amber Lewis. I’m totally stealing the idea for the baby fox print (I think that’s a fox..?)!

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