The Style Guide: Spring Fever

spring style guide — via @TheFoxandShe
Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m really excited to announce a new little series I’m starting here today! I’ve always been inspired by beautiful editorial layouts in magazines and I wanted to bring a little bit of that flair into this site. So, twice a month I’ll be posting a Style Guide. The theme will be different each time and I hope that this series infuse more creativity and happiness into the site and leaves you feeling inspired!

For this very first one, I figured spring was the best thing to dive into. It’s finally feeling a bit more like spring around here and the occasional sunny and warm days has left me with serious spring fever. We cleaned out the entire house and closets and I’ve been browsing for spring pieces like a pair of strappy heels, a printed swimsuit and shoulder-baring pieces like this cool cut-out shoulder sweater. I’m also in love with this colorblock dress and this super bohemian maxi dress!

The rest of this editorial covers the things (and colors) that are currently inspiring me, some of my favorite springtime fashion picks, beauty picks that I love and want to try, my current plant obsession and our upcoming travel destinations and my travel essentials.

Since this is totally new, I’d love to hear your feedback! I really loved the process of designing and creating this and I hope you guys enjoy it too! And if there is any themes you’d like to see in the future, I’d love to hear them!

xo, Blair

spring style inspiration, color inspiration, spring style guide — via @TheFoxandShe



This year I’ve also been focusing on taking care of my skin. With summer around the corner, I’ve been making sure to do a face mask several times a week as well as continuing my newly adopted skincare routine. Protecting my eyes from sun is also important and this pair of sunnies has always been a favorite of mine — maybe this year I’ll make them mine!

Below I’m sharing a few of my favorite beauty products and a few I want to try. If you’re wanting to start using masks or mix a new one into your routine, I cannot recommend this Tata Harper mask enough — it’s amazing!




I don’t think I’ve really talked about my obsession with cactuses, but lately, it’s gotten bad. One of my favorite designers, Amber Lewis, uses them in her projects all the time and they always look so cool.

They bring an airy, carefree vibe to any space and I must have one! Sometime soon I’m planning on checking out a few local nurseries to pick up my own cactus. After I bring one home, the next thing to do is find a gorgeous planter for it. I love this simple mid-century modern planter and think a cactus would be perfect in it! The simple white and wood will really let the beautiful plant stand out!

What plant obsessions do you have?

cactus obsessed



I’ve already done my fair share of traveling this year with trips to Austin, Mexico, L.A. and Iceland, but we have a few more trips coming up too! I’m heading to Dallas twice in April as well as Sonoma. Later this summer we’ll be heading to Denver for a friends wedding too. All of the traveling that I’ve been doing has really made me hone in on my favorite travel essentials — the ones that make long flights and being away from home more comfortable and easier. Here are a few of my favorites! For details, click on the image or on the links below!

Mophie Charger | Face Wipes | Lightweight Robe | Travel Size Oribe | Passport Holder | Refillable Water Bottle | Makeup Bag | Headphones




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