10 Ways to Keep Readers On Your Blog Longer

10 Ways to Keep Readers on Your Blog Longer — via @TheFoxandShe

I love today’s topic because it’s something I get asked a lot when I’m working with a new client. We all want people to stay on our site as long as possible. It keeps your bounce rate low and encourages them to explore your other content and hopefully, make a purchase or click through an affiliate link.

The best way to keep your readers on your blog is to create amazing content that they can’t get enough of! That way they stay longer to explore, but also keep coming back and sharing with their friends. There’s also a few things you can be doing to make it even easier for readers to explore new-to-them content and dig deep into your archives.

10. Clean & Simple Design

A clean design makes it easy for readers to navigate and see their options. Stay away from too many options for readers. The easier you make it for them, the longer they’ll stay!

9. Easy-to-Read Text

A simple sans-serif or serif font in a size 12-16px font is easiest for reading. Take into consideration your reader too. If they’re older, maybe a larger font size would be beneficial. Make sure your text displays larger on mobile too so it’s easy to read without having to zoom in.

8. Link Back to Old Content

This is one of the easiest ways to get readers to look at your content. I always try to link back to 3 or more old posts on my site within each post and I’ve found that it works really well!

7. Search Bar

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I go to a site and want to look up one thing I saw months ago and I can’t find it because they don’t have a search bar. This is also a super easy thing to add in, just drop it into your widget area!

6. High Quality Imagery

The web is a visual place and beautiful imagery will go a long way. It’ll also get repinned more often which helps drive traffic back to your site.

5. An Easy Way to Navigate Between Posts

I always include Next Post / Previous Post links at the bottom of the single page view of the blogs I design. It’s nothing fancy, but it makes it easy for readers to get to another post without having to go back to the homepage.

4. Easy-to-Browse Categories

Use your categories to your advantage! Make it easy for readers to browse specific subjects. If you only blog about one topic, consider breaking it down into seasons (fall, spring, summer, winter) or by price point.

3. Read More Function

Giving your readers just a taste of what you have to offer on the homepage gives them a better idea of what your site is all about without clicking through. The first post might not be they’re thing, but if they can easily see what’s under it, they might just click through on one of those!

2. Popular Posts Plugin

I always love these because they count the number of times that readers have viewed a post (or you can do it by comments). I always find it interesting to see what my readers are clicking on and it gives readers and idea of what other people are loving! I use the plugin WordPress Popular Posts.

1. Related Posts Plugin

Last, but certainly not least. This plugin gives readers a variety of other similar posts at the bottom of a single post page and keeps them clicking. You can set it up to pull a thumbnail too which adds a nice visual. My favorite plugin is called Related Posts.

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