Life as of Late

How’s everyone doing on this beautiful Friday?! I have to admit that while it was a good week, I am so looking forward to a lazy weekend. The weather should be beautiful here and I can’t wait! Last weekend I celebrated a friend’s bachelorette party and it was wild and fun, but also exhausting. I just can’t keep up like I used to. This week has been all about catching up on sleep, getting ahead on work and finding that all elusive balance I crave. Here’s what else we’ve been up to….

floral blouse, white blazer, ripped jeans and tassel heels

1. My Birthday: This week I turned 29, crazy! I wrote a really fun post for my birthday about 30 things that I want to do in the next year.

The actual day was hectic (I’ll explain more next), but Rob came home at 6 and poured me one of my favorite beers and took me to dinner at Bar Siena, so my bad mood was quickly reversed. If you make it to Bar Siena, try the fig and prosciutto pizza with truffle honey — it is absolutely delicious! I wore this new floral top and white blazer that I’m obsessed with!

2. Technical Difficulties: The same day as my birthday I started experiencing some serious technical difficulties with my site. I logged on and all of my website files were gone — like, every. Single. One.

Completely gone.

Usually I don’t freak out about stuff like this, but I’d never seen anything like that. I spent several hours on the phone with my hosting company and even started crying at one point — thankfully he was understanding and so sweet. But gah, I felt so helpless and pathetic! The worst part was that no one could give me a good reason for why it suddenly deleted.

Throughout the rest of the day the site would come up for a bit, then go back down. Eventually I decided to just quit hitting refresh and put on my favorite face mask, took a shower and did some writing and by 6pm it was finally back up again.

The site is (obviously) back up now, but I’m definitely looking into better options for backups because that was terrifying! Does anyone have a service or method they like?!

army green skirt and white blazer

3. Lady Day: My Wednesday was infinitely better than my Tuesday. No website issues and I was actually able to get stuff done since I didn’t have that worry looming in the back of my mind. I wore this outfit above (coming soon!) — I was deciding between which shoes to wear and went with the black ones.

Wednesdays have been dubbed Lady Day. I meet up with my good friend Shaheen, shot some pictures, worked, ate lunch and just caught up! It’d been so long since we’d seen each other and it was so good to spend some time away from the house and my desk and just enjoy the company and conversation of a good friend — things like this remind me that, yes, a crashed website sucks, but isn’t the end of the world!

I’m sharing more about our weekly ‘Lady Day’ next week, so stay tuned!

trader joe's favorites

4. Trader Joe’s Favorites: Since the weather was better this week, I finally made the 4 block trek, haha, no, not even that far, to Trader Joe’s. We live super close to Whole Foods and we end up shopping there a ton, but one of goals for the summer is to walk the extra few blocks and go to Trader Joe’s so I can save some money.

I was so glad that I did because I found two new-to-me products that I’m obsessed with! Gummy Mangos and a bag of mixed seeds, coconut flakes, dried cranberries and other yummy things — these go perfectly mixed into a salad or on top of yogurt with fresh fruit like I did in this picture — soooo yum!

5. Planning a Bachelorette: My sister is getting married in October and other sister, Caroline and I are the maid/matrons of honor, so I’ve been working on planning her bachelorette party! We’re heading to Savannah in July for a long weekend and I can’t wait! I just sent out these invitations and now I’m making the final plans! I’ve started making reservations, but I’ve never been before, so if you know of any yummy spots to eat or fun places to get drinks, let me know!

This weekend we have zero plans and I am so excited. The only things I really want to do are spend time outside in the sunshine and sleep in late! What’s your weekend looking like so far?

Coral Crush in Sonoma
Date Night at the Art Institute