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Ever since we got married, Rob has been asking when we can get an L-couch, also known as a sectional. He likes to stretch out and lounge in a laying position when he watches TV, while I like to sit up with my legs crossed.

Right now we live in a small hi-rise apartment and simply don’t have the space for a sectional couch in our tiny living room, so in the meantime I’ve been thinking about ways to give Rob more leg room.

An ottoman would take up way too much space, so I’ve been considering the next best option — a pouf! You’ve likely seen these before and I think they’re a great living room accessory. They’re small, add more seating which is a bonus for us, and can act as mini ottoman in a pinch. No, it’s definitely doesn’t compare to a sectional couch, but it would give Rob a place to prop his feet up after a long day and give me more space on the couch.

Personally, I think it’s a win-win.

The next question — which kind of pouf? There are so many different styles out there and to be honest, I love them all! For bohemian or eclectic space with a neutral rug like a souk rug, a bright woven wool or kilim pouf would be perfect! For neutral colored rooms, this Moroccan wedding pouf would add some texture! Solid colored round poufs are super versatile and ideal if you already have a lot of pattern and color going on in your space (like us).

If your style is more glam, I love this gold pouf and this metallic patchwork hide pouf! Lastly, this pouf and this pouf would make for great seating in a kids’ play room, don’t ya think?!

What do you think of Moroccan poufs? Which styles are your favorite and which would you put in your living room?

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