5 Kid’s Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Let’s be real. Owen doesn’t really know what’s going on this year when it comes to Christmas. Though, I did catch him opening Christmas presents, so maybe he does?! Haha, either way, I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions lately and things I want to start doing with Owen now so every year he starts looking forward to them!

I mean, is Christmas morning as a kid not the best thing ever?! I remember my sisters and I impatiently waiting at the top of the stairs while my dad went downstairs to “make sure Santa had come” and also pull out his video camera. When he gave the word, we came barreling down the stairs to see what had arrived. Our faces and eye lit up with excitement and sheer shock! “Who is this magical man?! And how did he get this new bike down the chimney?!”

The whole thing is so much fun and I can’t wait for Owen’s first Santa experience when he knows what’s going on!

Another fun tradition I want to start is to do a special breakfast on Christmas morning!

Nothing crazy, but just something that makes the morning more special and memorable. My family does something like this, though the actual breakfast recipe changes sometimes, and it’s fun! We usually make something that we wouldn’t normally eat for breakfast, which kickstarts the morning on a really fun and special note.

I was browsing different breakfast ideas for kids and came across some really cute stuff and it got me so excited for the holidays! I mean, I kinda want these breakfasts! Here are a few cute Christmas breakfast ideas that kids will love!

Kids Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Festive Pancakes

Kids Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Even if pancakes are a regular breakfast item in your house, I can guarantee that cute snowman pancakes, reindeer pancakes or Rudolph pancakes aren’t on regular rotation! The easiest way to make these pancakes into fun shapes is to buy cookie cutters and spoon the pancake batter into them so that they cook into adorable shapes!

To make faces on them, use bananas, strawberries or a couple of chocolate chips for eyes. I also love this ideas where they’ve used a piece of bacon as a snowman’s scarf!

Egg Muffins

Well Plated

These make for an easy breakfast year round, but are so fun for kids since they’re easy to pick up! To make them festive, mix in red a green peppers for a colorful combo! It’s such an easy way to sneak in veggies too!

Snowman Cinnamon Rolls

The Pinning Mama

These are so easy and so cute! Even if they’re not the main course of breakfast, they make for an adorable little treat on the side. All you need is store-bought cinnamon rolls and a little creativity.

Cut one cinnamon roll a little smaller, that will be your snowman’s head. Just bake them right next to each other. Use chocolate chips, pretzels or whatever else you have to give the snowman life! These are so cute!

Eggs in a Basket


This one is such a classic breakfast, but honestly, one I haven’t made in a really long time. It’s super easy and only requires a few ingredients too! To make it festive, cut the center out with festive cookie cutters like a Christmas tree or gingerbread man. Serve alongside bacon or fruit!

Does your family have any fun traditions for kids or for your family on Christmas morning?! I’d love to hear!

BTW, my go-to healthy breakfast, and how we split the holidays between our families.

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