Nautical Neutrals


After being in warm Dallas all weekend, I’m even more ready for warm weather than I already was before I left — if that’s even possible! Luckily for us, Chicago seems to be heading into spring for real this time. We’ve had sunny weather and the temperatures aren’t quite so frigid. It’s not time for the pool yet, but I’m still getting excited.

If you’ve never been to Chicago in the summer, you should add it to your bucket list. This city has one of the best summers on earth! We’ve got sunny skies, warm weather, beaches and a giant lake all in one spot. One of my favorite summer memories was from a few summers back where we took a sailboat out on Lake Michigan. One of our friends who knew how to sail booked a boat and we spent several glorious hours out on the lake drinking rose and beer and basking in the sun. I seriously think I was smiling the entire time!

After we had to head back in, we went straight to a friend’s rooftop pool and grilled burgers, hot dogs and spent the rest of the day hanging out in the pool and simply enjoying summer. It stays light so much later and the days feel infinitely longer and more special than winter days.

When it comes to dressing for the lake, my first thought is always nautical and with that comes stripes. As you probably already know, I love stripes, so I rounded up a few of my favorites as well as few pieces to anchor (pun-intended) your outfit and pull it all together!

What are your favorite summer moments? Favorite summer outfits?

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