16 Classic & Neutral Pieces on Sale

classic neutral basics that are all currently on sale

1. Long Sleeve Side Tie Tee (more colors here) | 2. Olivia Knee High Boot (waterproof! also in black suede & leather) | 3. Buffalo Check Cashmere Scarf | 4. Ruffle Sleeve Sweater (also in pink & black) | 5. Paivley Booties (more colors here) | 6. Stadium Coat | 7. Rib Knit Sweater | 8. High Waist Skinny Jeans with Raw Hem | 9. Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan | 10. Cotton Utility Jacket | 11. Rib Knit Midi Cardigan | 12. Waylan Slip-on Sneakers (more colors here) | 13. Colorblock Tote | 14. Undone Hem Skinny Jeans | 15. Satin Henley (more colors here) | 16. Cutout Booties (also in black)

Has this week felt sort of off to anyone else? I think Daylight Savings has thrown my whole schedule off, despite it only being an hour change! That being said, it’s so much easier to get out of bed in the morning when the sun is up, but stinks that it’s dark by 5 every night.

This week feels especially slow for me though. Why, you ask?! Our baby is due later this week! In general, I feel like my pregnancy flew by. However this week is moving at a snail’s pace and each day he doesn’t come just makes it feel longer. I know he’ll come when’s he’s ready, but I’m getting impatient, ha! A few weeks ago I was just sure he was going to show up early. Do a lot of moms think this? So I got ahead on all my work and now I have nothing to do. I’ve vacuumed so many times. I double checked my hospital bag and have been forcing myself to get outside and walk. Even though it’s been so cold!

I’ve also been doing way too much online shopping, haha! I didn’t buy all that much stuff the past few months. But now that I know I’ll be able to wear my normal(ish) sizes again, I’ve been going a little nuts. Thankfully, Nordstrom is having a huge sale right now on fall and winter stuff—sweaters, coats, tops, boots, jeans and so much more for up to 40% off! Instead of leaning towards statement pieces, neutrals and classics have really been top of my mind lately because of their versatility. You can probably tell from my picks too—everything falls into that category, ha!

Speaking of boots, yesterday I rounded up my winter boot essentials, so make sure to check out that post before doing your shopping! I also just saw that this tie hem sweater that I wore in this post is on sale and back in stock in ots of colors! Lastly, cross your fingers that this is the week our little man arrives!

BTW, what to buy for mom and dad, and how to do simple makeup in 5 minutes.

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