His & Hers: Weekends Together

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During the summer we end up spending so many more of our weekends with friends than we do in the winter. We’ll have plans to go to the pool, the beach or just head to a patio for lunch or drinks and it’s always so much fun! But, this past weekend most of our friends were out of town, so Rob and I spent the entire weekend just the two of us!

Knowing that our time as a family of two is limited has made me really cherish these moments, even when we’re not doing anything particularly special. This weekend we had dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood spots, El Tapatio and came home afterward—I was so tired after last week—and watched a movie. We went to bed pretty early too, which has become my normal, and slept in late on Saturday too.

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After making brunch at home, we both went and worked out. Rob went for a run, and I went for a walk. I’ve been going on more walks lately and I’m trying to make it a regular thing during the summer. Not only is it super relaxing, but it’s a good cardio workout when you hate running!

Before dinner, we unpacked everything I’d ordered from the Nordstrom sale and tried it on! Rob’s not a big shopper, so I’d ordered him a few things from Bonobos, a new pair of jeans and some classic loafers—things I already know he loves! Thankfully he loved the prints I picked out for the shirts and ended up wearing this one to dinner that night (he’s so cute!). His favorite dry knit workout shirts are also a part of the sale!

Men’s Sale

The sale is officially open to the public today, so if you’re not a cardholder, today’s the day to shop!!! I rounded up more of my favorites in this post and this post. I know I keep harping on this sale, but it’s really that good. Fall is still a ways off, but I love that we both have a bunch of fresh new basics and cool new pieces for the season. This tie-front sweater is so soft and cute and I’m in love with these classic booties! I also got a few things that I’ve already been wearing like my new sneakers, this tee (only $19!) and this cardigan (I’m always cold!).

Women’s Sale

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We went to Tango Sur for dinner on Saturday night and had an incredible meal and conversation. This place is well worth the long wait (usually two hours) and remains our all-time favorite date night spot. It’s cheap, delicious and intimate without being stuffy or fancy. We always feel like we’ve been transported to a different country when we’re in there—maybe that’s why we love it so much!

We changed up our typical routine of making brunch at home on Sunday and went by Cafe Tola for empanadas, mostly because we were out of groceries, but the line is always out the door, so we were curious to try them! They were pretty good, but not my idea of a well-balanced breakfast, haha! We did a little grocery shopping, made smoothies at home (I’m sharing my recipe for an amazing green smoothie next week) and both did our cardio routine again. I finally tackled one of the biggest projects on my list—cleaning out the baby room! Now that it’s empty, the real planning begins! We had drinks out a patio after that and then cooked dinner at home before calling it a night!

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Like I said, we didn’t do anything especially memorable, but it was still so relaxing, enjoyable and a good reminder that we need a few more weekends like that before November hits!

Do you have weekends like this often? What have you bought at the Nordstrom Sale?

BTW, my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and the only thing that fits.

Thanks to Nordstrom, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this help make The Fox & She possible!

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