How to Do Simple, Natural Makeup in Five Minutes

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A few years ago I clicked on a YouTube makeup tutorial and watched in disbelief. Did people really spend this much time getting ready everyday? I can totally understand spending a little extra time for big events, date nights or weddings, but to go to work or the grocery store? No, thanks.

As much as I love what makeup does to my overall look and complexion, spending more than a few minutes in front of the mirror is simply not going to happen for me. When I put on makeup, I still want to look like myself, just a little nicer!

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With a toddler and a newborn, I have very little time for applying makeup, and thankfully I’ve nailed down how to apply simple everyday makeup that makes me feel like the best version of myself.

I’m no makeup artist, but this has been a pretty foolproof 6-step natural makeup look that only takes a few minutes!

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casual fall outfit

6 Step Simple Makeup

Before I start my routine, I go through my morning skincare routine—here’s what I’m currently using—and finish up with SPF! This is now an essential part of my routine and my two favorites are either this mineral one designed for your face, or this clean chemical one that works really well as a primer.

Start with a Good Foundation

This Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation launched back in May and it is heaven! It’s very hydrating and has a ton of hyaluronic acid in it which makes it more like a skincare product. It’s lightweight, but provides nice coverage. You can easily layer it if you want more coverage too.

I love how it makes my skin look all day and it does a great job of staying put, which is amazing, especially in the summer. I’ve been using the shade Medium 340, but as I get tanner, I’m thinking I need to go to one or two shades darker for summer. If you need some help finding your shade, click here to make it easier! We added 8 more shades so there’s literally something for everyone.

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If you don’t like to wear a ton of makeup and don’t need foundation, then I’d highly recommend this Dew Skin tinted moisturizer. It has SPF in it, so you can skip that step, and a very light tint to it which provides just the slightest amount of coverage for a very “no-makeup” makeup look. For reference, I wear No. 3 in the summer, and a shade lighter, No. 2 in the winter.

easy morning makeup routine

Cover-Up & Powder for a Flawless Face

Some days I just skip this because I’m too lazy, but most days, I need it. Especially now with a newborn and some tired mama eyes! This concealer pen is my go-to. It’s easy to use, blends well and provides great coverage for dark circles.

I apply it in a triangle shape under my eyes and use a beauty blender to gently press it in and blend it.

Lastly, I always like to set my face makeup with a quick swipe of loose powder! If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add a some bronzer around my forehead too, this bronzer in Dune is my favorite.

Apply Eye Liner

For eye makeup, I don’t go too crazy for everyday wear. I don’t always put on eye liner, but I do think it makes me look more pulled together and it’s so quick, so the majority of the time, I do it! It just depends on what I have going on that day. I have a black eye liner as well as a navy eye pencil. I love the navy for casual days because it doesn’t look as fancy and dramatic, but love the black for date nights! I apply it just above my lash line on top and on my inner lash line on the bottom.

Occasionally, I’ll add eye shadow for a little something extra! This gorgeous neutral eye palette is my absolute favorite and has lasted me well over a year. Well worth it in my mind! If I’m going out, I’ll do a fancier eye, but for everyday, I just use one color and my favorites are: Penny, Copper & Sahara.

natural makeup look

beautycounter blush

Don’t Forget Blush

The one makeup step I couldn’t live without—blush! Personally, I feel so washed out when I’m not wearing blush. My go-to blush is this Satin Powder Blush in Nectar. To me, it’s a great color for my olive skin tone. It’s not too pink and has some tan undertones that make it look really natural.

It’s not too bright and looks like a very natural flush. You want to apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and don’t go too heavy—no one wants to look like a clown. The goal is to have a very natural, but slightly flushed look.

Eyelashes & Brows

Mascara and brow gel instantly elevate the look. Mascara finishes your eyes and make you look more ready, and brow gel helps frame your face by highlighting your brow bones.

I love this volumizing mascara, but have heard amazing things about this clean one too. Make sure to quickly curl your lashes to make them look even better!

As for brows, don’t underestimate what brow gel can do for your look. I naturally have thicker, darker brows and didn’t think I needed it. I was wrong. Adding it makes all the difference! I use the shade Medium and a little goes a long way!

natural lip gloss

Final Pop of Lip Color

Last, a pop of color to seal the deal! I love lip glosses and lipsticks and admittedly have way too many these days. But, hey, variety is the spice of life, right?!

I always start with lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and then I apply lip gloss or a lipstick. For everyday wear, lip gloss is easier and keeps my lips a little more hydrated. A few of my favorite Beautycounter gloss colors are: Dahlia (what I’m wearing in these pictures), .

As for lipsticks, my favorites sheer lipsticks are: Currant, Scarlet, Lily & Terra, and for the color intense lipsticks I love: 9 to 5, Garden Party and Girls’ Night.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise, but all of Beauycounter’s makeup is clean which makes me feel so good about using it everyday, especially when kissing sweet, sensitive baby faces!

You can buy any of these individually, but if you’re wanting to overhaul your whole beauty bag, I highly recommend grabbing the Flawless in Five Set that includes foundation, concealer, brow gel, blush, mascara and a lip gloss. Then you can add on any extras you like. Buying it in the kit saves you $40 which means more for other goodies, like a lipstick or that amazing eye palette I love so much!

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What does your everyday makeup routine look like? How long do you like to spend getting ready each day?

BTW, how to do your makeup like a Parisian, and how to be happy with the body you have.

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