How to Do Simple, Natural Makeup in Five Minutes

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A few years ago I clicked on a YouTube makeup tutorial and watched in disbelief. Did people really spend this much time getting ready everyday? I can totally understand spending a little extra time for big events, date nights or weddings, but to go to work or the grocery store? No, thanks.

As much as I love what makeup does to my overall look and complexion, spending more than a few minutes in front of the mirror is simply not going to happen for me. When I put on makeup, I still want to look like myself, just a little nicer! I also know that as soon as the baby comes I’ll have even less time (if any at all), so nailing down a quick simple makeup routine is ideal. I’m sharing the 6 step natural makeup look that’s perfect for everyday wear and only takes a few minutes!

striped shirt
casual fall outfit

6 Step Simple Makeup

Start with a Good Foundation

Okay, I know I’ve gone on and on about the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer and I still love it, but I finally decided to try the Tint Skin Foundation and I absolutely love it! I’ve tried many foundations over the years and this one is light, but provides nice coverage (you can layer it for more coverage), and also leaves my skin with a matte finish. I use the Linen shade for reference.

easy morning makeup routine

Cover-Up & Powder for a Flawless Face

Some days I just skip this because I’m too lazy, but then again, some days I really need it. In the past I’ve used this coconut-oil based concealer, but this one is next on my list. Sometimes I think the coconut oil makes my skin breakout, but it’s hard to tell. I always like to set my face makeup with a quick swipe of loose powder!

Apply Eye Liner

I actually don’t always put on eye liner, but I do think it makes me look more pulled together. It just depends on what I have going on that day. I have a brown and a black eye liner. I love the brown for casual days because it doesn’t look as fancy and dramatic, but love the black for date nights!

natural makeup look
beautycounter blush

Don’t Forget Blush

The one makeup step I couldn’t live without. I feel so washed out when I don’t have blush on. This Tawny/Whisper combo is my favorite. It’s not too bright and looks like a very natural flush.

Swipe on Mascara

Another item I couldn’t live without! Mascara instantly makes you look more “ready”. I’ve tried the Lengthening and Volumizing mascaras from Beautycounter and really love both! I might lean a bit more towards the volumizing version though.

natural lip gloss

A Final Pop of Lip Color

I always start with lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and then I’ll apply lip gloss or a lip sheer. I love the Dahlia color for the lip gloss (shown in the pictures), and for the lip sheers, I have Scarlet and Currant. They’re both gorgeous, but I’m loving the Currant for fall—it’ll look so nice during the holidays and is a bit dramatic which I love!

If you’re in the market for new makeup and like the idea of this quick routine, you should look into this safe makeup deal from Beautycounter. It comes with six products and includes most of the items I use above and a few extras like this concealer pen and an eyebrow pencil/brush that I now want to try. It’ll also save you $46 when you buy them in this bundle versus individually!

What does your everyday makeup routine look like? How long do you like to spend getting ready each day?

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