How to Deal with Postpartum Skin Issues

postpartum skincare: how to deal with postpartum skin issues

During my pregnancy, my skin seemed kind of went crazy. I’ve never had perfect skin, but within those nine months, I feel like I experienced just about everything from beautiful, flawless skin to bad breakouts and towards the end, lots of hyper pigmentation. I knew it was all temporary and mostly due to hormones, but stress was also a big factor. Being a first time mom, I started getting stressed easily in my third trimester. I’d wonder if he’d come early, if we’d be prepared, whether or not he was growing appropriately and the list goes on! Obviously everything turned out just fine, and as soon as he was born, all of those stresses went away.

But, all those stressful weeks had taken their toll! Add in the sleep deprivation and winter weather, and suddenly I’m dealing with a whole new set of skin issues.

I typically stick to the same skincare routine, but love to switch up my products every so often so my skin doesn’t get used to them. Plus, as the seasons change, my skin needs different things like more hydration! I just got these five new-to-me products from Colleen Rothschild and have been using them for several weeks now. I absolutely love them and can’t believe this is the first time I’ve used her skincare line. Most of her products are formulated without parabens, SLS/SLES sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, PABA, toluene and benzene, making them safer than lots of skincare and beauty lines on the market today. Most importantly, I feel like it’s doing wonders for all the weird postpartum skin issues I’ve been dealing with so I’m sharing the biggest problems I’ve been dealing with and how I’m fixing them!

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Postpartum Skin Issues & How to Correct


I always thought that after I delivered, my skin would go back to normal, but it’s not the case. My breakouts have subsided a bit, but they’re not gone entirely. I’ve always had oily skin, so the occasional breakout may be something I deal with for the rest of my life, but to keep them at bay, cleansing my face well every night is super important. My nightly routine starts by removing my makeup with this Radiant Cleansing Balm from Colleen Rothschild. It helps to remove makeup, clears clogged pores and gets rid of dirt and any impurities. Unlike traditional makeup removers, this cleansing balm leaves your skin incredibly soft and balanced.

Each night, I scoop an almond size amount onto clean fingertips and massage it into my skin for about a minute. Make sure your face is dry when you start. After that, take the included muslin cloth and soak it with warm water. Gently wipe away makeup, impurities until your face is clean. Once my makeup is removed, I can actually clean my skin, so then I’ll wash my face again with a gentle cleanser like this Balancing Gel Cleanser.

I’ve shared my love for face masks in the past, and try to do one at least twice a week, if not more often! A good detox mask, like this Clarifying Detox Mask is great for oily skin and stubborn blackheads. It’s made with activated charcoal and kaolin clay which both do an amazing job of pulling out impurities. This mask also helps keep bacteria at a minimum and soothes inflamed skin. If you don’t already use masks regularly, I highly recommend you start!

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Hyper Pigmentation

My biggest struggle and the thing I’ve been most self-conscious about is the hyper pigmentation. I started getting some dark spots on my forehead and around my eyes during pregnancy and they’re still there. Any breakouts I had left dark spots that seem to be taking ages to fade!

I started using this Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum at night before applying moisturizer. It promotes cell turnover which helps gently reduce fine lines, dark spots and texture-exactly what I need right now. In the morning, I use this Vitamin C Treatment Complex that protects against environmental stressors and helps with hyper pigmentation. After applying both products, I wait a minute or two to let them fully absorb into my skin before applying a moisturizer or facial oil on top.

It’s only been a few weeks, but after using these two products regularly, I can actually see a difference. The dark spots on my forehead and from past breakouts have faded a lot and my skin looks much more smooth, even and brighter, which means I can wear less makeup.

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Dull & Tired Skin

Winter is always tough on my skin. Dry air makes my usually oily skin a lot drier, and now that I’m getting less sleep, it’s even more dull-looking. This Extreme Recovery Cream has been a life-saver. It’s like a giant gulp of water for my face each night! When you wake up, you can tell it’s working because my skin looks fuller, brighter and more hydrated than it has in months. This has quickly become a favorite in my skincare routine because it packs such a punch!

More to Love

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What skin issues are the biggest problems for you? What products do you find work best? And, for the mamas out there—did you deal with any pregnancy or postpartum skin issues?

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