Why You Should Buy That Piece You Really Love

embroidered SEA top
embroidered eyelet detail

When it comes to shopping, I like to think that I usually make practical decisions. I look for pieces that I can wear with a lot of different things and that means my closet is full of solid tops, jeans and a large assortment of shoes—I can’t help it, shoes are my weakness. But even though I typically stick to classic pieces, I also think it’s important to occasionally treat yourself to a special piece—one you really love!

I mean, you deserve it, don’t you? You work hard! Why not splurge every once and a while?!

I’d come across this eyelet top over the summer and fell in love with it. Actually, I fell in love with everything from SEA, and if you’ve never seen their stuff, make sure to take a peek! I held off buying it because it was pretty expensive, but it finally went on sale and I couldn’t resist any longer. I’m already looking forward to spring—I’ll be wearing it a lot.

spring outfit

eyelet sleeveless top
spring outfit idea

skinny jeans & eyelet tank outfit

If I had all the money in the world, my closet would be full of pieces like this with special details, stitching and unique cuts. I love eyelet, embroidery and ruffles—anything with a feminine, girly and slightly boho vibe is right up my alley. You might remember this blue dress from last year, it’s still one of my favorite pieces that I own. It reminds me of a trip to Mexico I took with my mom—sunshine, sand, warmth and no worries. Every time I put it on, I feel amazing, confident and beautiful—isn’t that feeling alone worth the price tag?! Of course I’m not telling you to go buy every expensive, yet gorgeous piece you love, but I truly think having a few in your closet is a good thing. I linked a few more pretty eyelet pieces below, and don’t worry, they’re not all investment pieces—some of them are actually really affordable!

Eyelet Pieces

eyelet top
date night outfit

eyelet shirt

@weldenbags bucket bag
street style outfit

Clothing can really be a powerful mood booster and dressing in pieces you love will naturally put you in a better mood! Every time I get dressed in one of those special pieces, I get a little burst of excitement! I love that something as simple as that can turn your day around—don’t you?!

So, tell me! Do you ever splurge on a piece you absolutely love? What pieces in your closet make you feel the most beautiful?

BTW, a cute boho dress to wear year round, and where do you want to travel to this year?

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