3 Things I’m Loving About Fall Mornings

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morning coffee: one of the reasons I'm loving Fall mornings

I’ve said it time and time again, I’m naturally not a morning person. For whatever reason, maybe genetics, my body doesn’t jump up and into action in the morning. Instead I prefer to take things slow, and wait to tackle my days’ biggest tasks until I’m fully awake. A slower morning routine also makes me feel calm and at peace. These past few weeks, it’s been even tougher for me to get up at a reasonable time!

But now that Fall is in full swing, I’ve fallen into a nice relaxed routine each morning and here are a few things that make it particularly wonderful.

nespresso cappuccino
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Things to Love About Fall Mornings

1. Cool Crisp Mornings

In late September, Chicago had a crazy heat wave that brought us hotter days than we’d had all summer. I remember being exhausted, hot and miserable. Thankfully that’s passed and mornings are now cool, sometimes downright cold, and crisp. It gives me this renewed sense of energy and peace that makes Fall my favorite season of all.

nespresso essenza mini
nespresso cappuccino

homemade cappuccino

2. My At-Home “Coffee Shop”

I used to love going to coffee shops, but honestly, I like the coffee I make at home even more. Ever since we got a Nespresso Essenza Mini machine, I’ve preferred my homemade almond milk cappuccinos over any coffee shops’ version. The Aerroccino 3 milk frother takes it up a notch and makes it feel like a real coffee house experience.

I don’t know about you, but coffee is an essential part of my morning routine. Not only does it help wake me up, but I love the whole routine of making it and then sitting at the table and leisurely reading my emails or curling up on the couch on the weekends with nothing else to do.

Our kitchen is small, but one little corner is dedicated to coffee-making. Thankfully the Essenza Mini doesn’t take up much space and looks beautiful on display as well—the white and black pairs perfectly with our kitchen! We have some open shelving, above where I keep my Nespresso pods, cups and extras, like cinnamon and honey so everything is one place. It’s super simple, but having it all there in one place makes my mornings that much more easy.

It might be a little early, but I always like to get a jump start on holiday shopping and this would be an awesome gift! I gave my sister a Nespresso machine last year and she’s completely hooked like me!

nespresso essenza mini
almond milk cappuccino

to do list

3. Shorter Days

Normally I don’t like the shorter days. Typically, I prefer as much sunshine as I can get! But, sometimes those early sunrises make me feel behind before my day even starts. When it’s a little darker in the mornings, everything feels so calm. Even if the rest of the world isn’t actually asleep, it feels like it is to me. I can come downstairs, tidy up and make my morning coffee without feeling like I should have already checked 10 items off my to-do list.

Now that Fall is in full swing, what aspects of the season do you love the most? What makes your morning routine simpler and more enjoyable?

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