6 Healthy Things You Can Do for Yourself Today

6 Healthy Things You Can Do for Yourself Today

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

It took me about 27 years to realize that living a healthy life was really all about balance. Instead of thinking of being healthy as only eating salads and working out every day, it’s so much more than that (and less at the same time!). It’s about creating habits that lead to feeling good – even ones that seem really small. Here are a handful of habits that you can do everyday to feel better!

Healthy Things You Can Do for Yourself Today:

Hydrate First Thing

We all know it’s smart to drink tons of water, but that can be easier said than done. One way I make sure this happens is by drinking a bunch within 5 minutes of waking up. I keep my water bottle in the fridge overnight and walk to the kitchen right after opening my blinds. Even if I get back into bed to chill for a few minutes, I’m hydrating while doing so. This helps to replenish the water we lose while we sleep/sweat, and it gets your digestion moving. I like to squeeze a little lemon in the night before for added benefits. I then try to fill this bottle up 2-3 more times each day.

moving your body


I used to think movement had to be some intense form of cardio to count, and that it had to last an hour. Which is so not right! The important part is moving your body – even if that’s a 20 minute walk or a slow flow yoga class.

Taking the pressure of a workout needing to be brutal has truly made me enjoy being active. Some days I feel like boxing, some I feel like stretching. Make it a priority to move each day, but move in a way that feels right to you.

Add Veggies to Each Meal

Add Veggies to Each Meal

This is a really simple way to up the amount of vegetable servings in a day. I make it a point to eat greens or veggies at every meal whenever possible, including snacks. I’ll throw a couple handfuls of spinach into my smoothie or eggs, nibble on veggies with hummus, add cauliflower rice to every dinner, and so on. Instead of taking something out of your diet, you’re adding good stuff into it!

Be Mindful

I’m a fan of meditation, but I totally get that everyone isn’t. The health benefits that come with meditation are basically the same as being mindful, which you can actually do in a bunch of situations. It’s simply giving your mind time to quiet down and training the brain to process thoughts better.

If you don’t like sitting still like traditional meditation, try going for a walk with a guided meditation. Or even without anything in your ears and instead just be present. You can count your breaths while in line at the store and focus on that – that all counts as being mindful!

Sleep with your Phone in the Other Room

Sleep with your Phone in the Other Room

I’ll be honest – I don’t currently do this, but my goal for this weekend is to buy a traditional alarm clock. Though I usually read before bed, I do find myself scrolling through Instagram at times, which isn’t the best habit.

If it’s in the other room, you don’t have the temptation before bed – or first thing in the morning. Instead, you can go through a simple morning routine, and pick the phone up when you’re ready to dive into the day. Taking my own advice here!

Do Something that Makes you Happy

We live in a busy world, and we all know how many days can go by without us truly taking time for ourselves. And I’m not talking about taking a shower or even making a healthy breakfast. That’s all great, but we also need time for things that make us happy. Things that energize us and make us feel all good inside!

For me, that’s a walk with a podcast, watching horrible reality TV shows, getting takeout coffee, or even calling my BFF. Make sure that you do at least one thing a day that makes you happy (even if it isn’t accomplishing anything).

OK I’ll stop there but I hope this list was helpful. Above all, I think it’s crucial to think about health and wellness as a lifestyle – and not some strict rules we have to follow. At least that’s what’s really changed things for me.

What’s one thing that makes your days healthier? Please share!

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