8 Things That Have Transformed My Skin This Month

things that have improved my skin

Sometime in the past month, my skin took a major turning point. I have only had small breakout (that cleared up quickly) and my skin tone and texture are clearer than they’ve been in years. For the first time in forever, I feel totally comfortable walking around town with no makeup on!

I still have some congestion and the occasional breakout, but to see how much my skin has changed this year is really encouraging. The best part? It’s all totally natural—diet changes, lifestyle changes and a few supplements to help balance hormones! It’s hard to point out just one single thing, so I wanted to share a few things that have aided in bringing my skin back to beautiful!

1. Celery Juice

I’m now on 5 months of celery juice—can you believe it?! Yes, I do miss days here and there, and sometimes I switch it up with my ingredients, but having a green juice almost everyday has definitely had an impact on my skin, and overall health.

Most notably, celery juice has helped HUGELY with digestion, energy levels and keeping me really hydrated since it is mostly water. But, unlike water, it has minerals, vitamins and salts that make it like a natural electrolyte drink!

skin clearing hacks

2. Green Smoothies

This is a more recent introduction to my daily routine. I used to have a smoothie here and there, but maybe 4 weeks ago I started making it a regular thing and it has made a HUGE difference! My skin is smoother and brighter. And, all the fiber from the smoothie (my go-to recipe is here) helps with regular digestion. If you’re worried it’s going to taste like spinach, I assure you, it doesn’t! The pineapple, banana and coconut give it a nice tropical flavor.

3. Sorta Plant-Based Diet

I don’t know that I could ever go vegan, but this year, I’ve been eating more of a plant-based diet. Not every day (weekends are tougher), and I do still eat meat. I googled plant-based diet and it said that people who follow this diet might still eat some animal protein, just not much. I typically have some sort of animal protein at dinner, but usually don’t have it at breakfast or lunch.

Loading up on more veggies, fruits and whole grains helps keep my blood sugar balanced, keeps me full and makes my skin glow. Another benefit is that it’s helped keep my weight really stable. I’ve struggled to gain weight, and bizarrely enough, eating more animal protein made it more of a roller coaster, now I’m right around the same weight, give or take a couple of pounds.

4. Supplements

The right supplement(s) can make a huge difference in how our bodies function on a regular basis. It’s best to get as many vitamins and minerals from the food we eat, but it doesn’t always happen! And, sometimes your body just needs a little extra boost to get back to equilibrium.

The supplements that have helped my skin the most are:

  1. Probiotic: Anyone will tell you that balancing your gut bacteria and working on digestion are key to improving your skin and overall health. That’s because our immune system and gut health are so closely tied. If your gut’s out of what, you’re likely going to have some other health issues.
  2. Estroblock: This is a supplement that helps clear toxic estrogens from your body. So many products we use and foods we eat have hormones and products we use have ingredients that mimic estrogen in our body. This supplement helps get them out of your body.
  3. S.A.T: This stands for Silymarin, Artichoke, Turmeric and it’s a liver detoxifier. After reading Liver Rescue, I realized just how important it is to take care of my liver. The more toxins we expose ourselves to, the more backed up our liver gets and the worse it functions. That leads to all kinds of weird diseases and symptoms, including acne.
  4. Zinc: Some people are on the fence with this one, but apparently zinc can help boost your immune system which helps with the healing process.

I’ve been taking a probiotic for years, but definitely noticed a big change when I added the Estroblock and S.A.T.

5. Regular Facials

Good hygiene is obviously a great thing for your skin, but if you can afford it, getting regular facials can do wonders for your skin! I’ve been going to Leah Chavie for the past few months and it’s made such a big difference in my skin! We typically do dermaplaning which has helped with congestion (blackheads), and IPL which has done wonders for my dark spots and hyperpigmentation. If you’re in Chicago and want to make and appointment, mention my name and get 30% off your full-price service.

6. Quit Picking

Easier said than done, right? I’m guilty of this, but I’ve gotten so much better. Once you commit to it, it’s so much easier. Picking your skin can actually spread bacteria from one infected pore to other ares of your face. I know it’s tempting, but resist! It’ll heal faster and leave less scarring than if you tried picking at it.

7. Simple, Yet Effective Skincare

Duh, skincare obviously makes a big difference! Our health starts from the inside, but using high-quality safe products externally only boosts the healing process. The key is getting products that are free of toxic ingredients like parabens, which mimic estrogen in our body and lead to that estrogen-dominance and are really common in skincare products. For other ingredients to avoid, read this post.

Obviously, my go-to brand is Beautycounter (the products I use on a regular basis are listed here), but there are tons of great brands out there—so, ditch your drugstore stuff—it’s for your own health! If you’re new to clean beauty and ready to make the switch, join my better beauty list for an awesome welcome gift!

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8. Hydrate

Lastly, but one of the most important to keeping my skin looking nice! I try to drink 128oz. of water a day—that’s a gallon. It’s a lot, but not only does it help with skin, it helps with energy, digestion, sleep—basically everything. If your body isn’t probably hydrated, it’s not going to be running at it’s best. I use this Hydro Flask 32oz. water bottle, but I know people love this gallon one that has the time of the day marked to help keep you on track! I just don’t want to lug that giant thing around, so my Hydro Flask is perfect!

What things have helped your skin? Please share in the comments!

BTW, my skin journey, and my less is more skincare routine.

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