A Healthy Hair Care Schedule

a simple hair care schedule


I’ve always been obsessed with having healthy locks that look and feel good. I’ve read an embarrassing amount of articles on how to take care of hair and have questioned every stylist I’ve ever met about tips. The biggest thing I’ve come away with is that you can train your hair to some extent, but you also have to know what you’re working with. In my case, that’s thin, straight, fine hair. In some ways, I love my hair type (it dries straight so I appreciate not having to style it daily), but I’m also on a constant journey to escape greasy, limp strands.

I’ve been using a hair schedule for years now to bring my hair to it’s fullest potential. Planning out a schedule for hair might seem crazy and overly type-A (it is), but it has seriously helped! Stylists have told me that switching up products is really beneficial for your strands, so that’s where this whole idea started. Here’s how a week in my hair generally goes:


Wash with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. I tend to use more product over the weekends, so this is the perfect way to get rid of build up. My hair doesn’t curl as well after using this because clarifying shampoos make your hair VERY clean, but Mondays are usually a break from styling anyways. Also, clarifying shampoos can be drying when overused, so I limit this to once a week.


Deep condition (this affordable option is amazing). I don’t shampoo and will deep condition for a few minutes or overnight. I’ve noticed that skipping shampoo sessions every other day has made my hair much less greasy. A stylist told me that I’ve basically trained my hair, so I try to skip washing when I can. I love this dry shampoo if I need it.


I’ll wash with a color-treated shampoo, like this one, and a matching conditioner.

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I’ll skip washing and will apply a little thickening conditioner to the ends.


I like to use a volumizing shampoo on the weekends since this is usually when I want my hair looking its best. Since my personal hair type needs lift, this is when I address that. I throw on the same thickening conditioner, and always use this heat protector before blow-drying or using heat.


If anything, I’ll wash my hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to make up for the heat of the weekend, but sometimes I’ll skip washing—just depends on what I have going on.


If I didn’t wash my hair on Saturday with a moisturizing option, this is when I do that. If I did, I let my hair rest from all products.

Do you switch up your products or stick to a hair schedule?

BTW, how to curl your hair with a flat iron, and what to wear to work.

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

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