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Are Investment Pieces Worth It?

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I'm Blair Staky

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Last weekend, I went to visit my sister and her sweet new baby boy! I’m still in disbelief that we have ONLY boys on both sides of the family so far, especially after coming from a family of all girls.

Packing for this trip was so fun! I pulled out all my favorite dresses and outfits and before I knew it, I had like 8 outfits, haha! I did not bring that many, but it was hard to pare it down after not getting to wear any of my new pieces or favorites in such a long time. As I was packing, I swapped over my summer stuff in lieu of winter pieces in my closet and before I knew it, I was knee-deep in a much-need closet purge!

It felt SO good! Not only to get rid of the excess stuff, but also because I re-discovered some of my favorite pieces from years past. As I get older, I find that I don’t or feel the need to have as much stuff, you?

But, the stuff I do have?

I want that stuff to be quality pieces! Beautiful pieces I love and can wear year after year. I’m not saying I’ll never shop at Amazon or H&M again, because I love a good Amazon find as much as the next girl (did you see yesterday’s post?), but I’m just trying to be more conscious of how much I buy, and when I do, I want to make sure it’s something I really love and will wear.

Two of those pieces just arrived last week right before I left town. Sézane is a brand I have long loved, but don’t own too much of. A few of their spring tops caught my eye, and seeing as May is my birthday month, I treated myself to the two shirts I’d been loving—this white eyelet top and this green floral top. Let me tell you—they do NOT disappoint! They fit beautifully, are classic, and unique and feminine, and when I put them on, I feel amazing! And, that right there is the true mark of an investment piece in my mind! If it makes you feel more confident and beautiful, it’s worth it in my book.

One thing to note is that the tops run a bit small. I ended up getting a 38 which is a U.S. 6 based off a past order that was too small. For reference, I normally wear a 2-4 in tops and my shoulders are a little broader. I also don’t like tops to fit too tight under my arms and these are both perfect.

I’m definitely not saying that everything you have to buy has to be an investment, just that it’s okay to spend your money on things you love and will get a ton of use from. Another great example—my Golden Goose sneakers. Sure, I could buy similar sneakers at a much better price point, and I have, but they’re not as comfortable and I don’t like the way they look as much as my GGs. If you were to break down the price-per-wear, I bet my GGs are some of the cheapest shoes in my closet! I wear them at least 3x a week, and those other similar sneakers? I literally couldn’t tell you the last time I put them on.

A few of my other favorite “investment” pieces? My Jenni Kayne mules—literally the only flats I’ll ever wear, this Rebeca Taylor dress, this Carolina K dress, and my camel coat. And, a few of my favorite totally not investment pieces? These Amazon workout tops, socks, leggings and these under $100 mom jeans that I wear multiple times a week. It’s all a balance!

At the end of the day, wear what you love! Don’t “save the good stuff”! Just stop buying as much of the other stuff to make it balance it out. So, in my opinion, YES, investment pieces that you absolutely love are totally worth it!

What’s your thought? As your perspective on what you buy changed as you’ve gotten older?

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