August’s Numbers

For the purpose of these reports, I’ll only be discussing the earnings made from my lifestyle blog, The Fox & She which now includes pre-fab sales that come from this site.

Isn’t it insane that it’s nearly FALL? I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, but then again, I’m also really excited for my favorite season. This month was one of transition. I decided to move Blog Better posts into The Fox & She and I’m really happy that I did. It’s so much easier to manage everything. It also didn’t really make sense that I was driving traffic away from my site. I think it’s helping my personal brands become a bit more unified. Still working on that — speaking of which, there are more changes coming to the site in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

The biggest change in this month’s income report is the inclusion of pre-fab sales and other affiliate programs that aren’t shopping related. The reason I decided to add these is to help get your creative juices flowing. How can you make more money from your blog? Are you an expert in a field? Could you write an ebook? Sell a product?! I’m learning that thinking outside the box on how a blog can make money can really pay off.

So, without further ado, the August income report…

August Blog Income — via @TheFoxandShe

August Blog Income — via @TheFoxandShe


This month’s affiliate earnings are higher than normal because I moved Blog Better into The Fox & She and the commissions I was making from Blog Better are now included here. Bluehost is the only difference here, but I do really well with them because of this tutorial.

• Bluehost (this one is new to the reports this month)
• RewardStyle
• VigLink


Ads continue to be one of those things that continue to bring in a little bit of income, but nothing major. Lijit is working best for me.

• StyleList/Lifestyle Collective
• Lijit


I did several collaborations this month, but didn’t get paid out for many, so hence the lower number this month. What I’m realizing is that each month is really really different from the last!

• Collectively
• CleverGirls
• Lifestyle Collective, formerly Stylelist
• Direct Collaborations


Last month I thought I was going to sell a few of the pieces in our house, but I didn’t actually get around to that. I did get paid out for my Minted art prints. In the coming months I’m hoping to paint more as well as add more prints to my Minted shop.

• Minted


Again, like Bluehost, the pre-fab blog designs are now sold through this site, so I’ll be adding them here too. I haven’t been pushing these much lately, but they still provide a nice chunk each month! Interested in becoming an affiliate? Apply here!


Pinterest is still number one for my referral traffic and in general, traffic grew this month. I think that part of that was moving Blog Better over here, but I’ve also been working on writing catchier blog post titles and that’s been helping those post page views a lot! Growth wasn’t exponential, but steady growth is always good to see!

Pageviews: 9.5% increase
Uniques Visitors: 10.75% increase
Referral Traffic: Pinterest & StumbleUpon


As I mentioned before, Instagram and Pinterest are by far my favorite social platforms, likely because I’m a visual person. I still get the majority of my traffic from Pinterest and quite a bit from Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram: 23% increase
Pinterest: 6% increase
Twitter: 2% increase
Facebook: 13% increase
Bloglovin: 3% increase


Get Ahead: I have to admit, this did not happen. I’m really struggling with this lately, but there were also a lot of good things that happened this month. Now that the Blog Better transition is over I’m hoping I can actually get ahead this month.
• Get More Commissions: My commissions from this month were considerably higher than normal, especially with no sales happening. I’m hoping I can continue with this momentum, especially into the holiday season!
• Grow Instagram: Instagram is continuing which is exciting!


• Get Ahead: As I mentioned, I didn’t do that this past month, but I’m hoping to get on top of this in the next few weeks before the holidays hit
• Update Media Kit & Marketing Materials: It’s been a long time since I did this and I need to get everything updated for the
• Pitch Ideas Directly to Brands: I’m actually kind of shy and not the best sales person, so I’m hoping to get over that and pitch a few ideas to brands for the next few months!
• Start Holiday Brainstorming: Yes, it seems crazy, but the holidays will be here before we know it! It’s time to start thinking about that holiday strategy!
• Promote Pre-Fabs: Traffic went down a bit after the transition, so I’m hoping to promote this page more so I can get these sales up.
• Paint: I really want to start painting and selling those again, so cross your fingers on goal number one up there so I can find time to do this!

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