July’s Numbers

For the purpose of these reports, I’ll only be discussing the earnings from my fashion blog, The Fox & She since all of you probably don’t have a design company too.

When I write this post every month I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! July was a month of playing catch up, booking new clients and taking on all kinds of new projects. It was busy, but I was thankful to be traveling a lot less and just spend time at home focusing on the next few months and what’s next for The Fox & She. This month I did less design work, so you’ll see that reflected here. I’ve realized that because I don’t share the actual figures that make up my income, you don’t have any idea of whether or not my blog income is actually growing. Sorry, I didn’t think that one through at first. I’ve included a new chart that shows the growth of my blog income since January, so hopefully that’ll give you a better idea of what’s happening. I might be comfortable sharing my income one day, but for now it still makes me feel a little funny — thanks for understanding!

So, without further ado, July’s income report…

July Blog Income Breakdown — via @TheFoxandShe | www.blogbetterbyleap.com

Blog Income Growth — via @TheFoxandShe | www.blogbetterbyleap.com


The commissions that paid out this month were lower even though my commissions were higher than every this month — I can thank the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for that! Commissions are typically paid out 60-90 days after, so I won’t see that money until later. Viglink remained about the same!

• RewardStyle (invitation only)
• VigLink


Ads continue to be one of those things that continue to bring in a little bit of income, but nothing major.

• StyleList
• Lijit


I was paid for several collaborations this month, one which was a lot higher than others, so that’s why there’s a big upswing here. That being said, I continue to do more and more sponsored content and it’s becoming a much bigger part of my income which I’m happy about.

• Collectively
• CleverGirls
• Lifestyle Collective, formerly Stylelist


Right now I have no completed artwork. I actually think I might sell a few pieces we have in our house, but I haven’t had time to get them shot and up on the site. I sell art prints through Minted which pays out quarterly, so I just got paid for the first quarter. It’s not a ton, but to not have to do any work and still get some cash feels pretty awesome!


Pinterest and Twitter still remain my top two sources of referral traffic. I used to hate Twitter, but now it’s actually one of my favorites. I connect with lots of bloggers and readers there and it’s been a great steady stream of traffic. In general, my traffic went down this month. I started thinking why, but I think it might just be the fact that it’s the middle of summer and lots of people are traveling. I remember a downswing last year, but hoping that August’s back-to-school mantra will turn things back around.

Pageviews: -15% increase
Uniques Visitors: -25% increase
Referral Traffic: Pinterest & Twitter


As I mentioned before, Instagram and Pinterest are by far my favorite social platforms, likely because I’m a visual person. I still get the majority of my traffic from Pinterest and quite a bit from Twitter. My Twitter account didn’t grow much, so I’m hoping to focus some more attention there this next month.

I did run Facebook ads again this month with more luck and grew my numbers and traffic significantly!

Instagram: 11% increase
Pinterest: 10% increase
Twitter: 10% increase
Facebook: 27% increase
Mailchimp: 206% increase (ran a giveaway where they had to subscribe to enter)
Bloglovin: 3.5% increase


Grow Twitter Following: I didn’t do a great job of interacting with people as much as I had wanted to. Honestly, things have just been too busy. What I really need to do is prioritize everything in my life.
Gain More Collaborations: I’ve already signed contracts for 5 collaborations this month and a few more over the next 6 months — it feels good to have some of these already on the calendar so I can plan for them early.
• Get Organized: I’m proud to say I actually feel organized! Not quite caught up, but at least there’s a plan. I created an editorial calendar for the next 6 months
• I did bring on some help with my design business, but I’ve still been feeling pretty overwhelmed, so I’m hoping to continue to slow down there and create more streams of passive income. I was thrilled that this past month I was one of the top earners for my non-blog affiliate group and hope to continue to grow that!


Get Ahead: I’m hoping to get at least a week ahead on my editorial calendar so I can avoid the last minute stress, unfortunately I did NOT do that this month, so this week will be a whole lot of catching up!
• Get More Commissions: The Anniversary Sale was great, but I’m focusing on creating content and pages on my blog to bring in more regular commissions each month.
• Grow Instagram: Lately my Instagram following has shot up which is awesome! I’d love to continue to grow that so I can monetize that platform more than I currently am.

Business goals include finishing up a new download for Blog Better, launching a new pre-fab design this month and working on my very first e-book! I’m pretty excited about it, so be sure to stay tuned!

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