March’s Numbers

For the purpose of these reports, I’ll only be discussing the earnings from my fashion blog, The Fox & She since all of you probably don’t have a design company too.

March was a good month, but also a skewed month since I sold so much artwork. It’s not that the actual dollar amounts from other categories went down this month, but rather, the percentage in comparison to my product sales went down.

So onto March’s breakdown…

March Income Report

march income report

Affiliate Links — 26%

I rely heavily on affiliate links for all of my posts and use several different networks. In order, these networks perform the best for me. Typically affiliate programs like RewardStyle and ShopSense don’t pay out until 30-90 days after the sale is completed. The percentage described in this report covers what I was actually paid out that month, not that month’s estimated commission.

• RewardStyle (invitation only)
• ShopSense (anyone can sign up)
• VigLink (anyone can sign up)

Ad Networks – 2%

This is hit or miss each month and depends a lot on the time of year. There are so many ad networks out there, but to keep things simple, I use these two. Stylelist is invitation only, but Sovrn/Lijit/Meridian (they keep changing the name) is open to the public, so go sign up! These are never the majority of my earnings, but each month I can expect a little chunk from these two, just don’t count on ads to be your bread and butter.

• StyleList
• Sovrn/Lijit

Sponsored Content & Collaborations — 12%

I was paid out for two collaborations this month and also secured several more for upcoming months! Looking forward to doing more content like this. For me, it’s the most fun and thoughtful content that goes on my blog!

Collaborations come from networks that I’m already a part of as well as directly from brands. There are a lot of great collaboration-style networks out there that can be great ways of getting new collaborations. Adorn Media Group, Clever Girls, Collectively, Glam/Mode, Pollinate, PopSugar Select and StyleList are just a few (note: I have only used a few of these, so can’t speak to all of them)!

Product Sales — 60%

This was a big month for art sales! I had three paintings left that had been sitting around the house and they all sold in just one month — perfect timing too! We move at the end of April.


Both my unique visitors and pageviews went down this month. I blame it on the fact that I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to devote as much time to promoting content like I used to. Hopefully we’ll find an intern for Wandeleur soon so I can focus my social media attention back on my blog. (P.S. If you’re interested in being a social media intern, email me!)

Pageviews: -9%
Uniques Visitors: -11% increase
Referral Traffic: Pinterest & Leap Blog Design


Instagram and Pinterest are by far my favorite social platforms, likely because I’m a visual person. They grew the most, but I definitely need to focus more attention on some of the other platforms. Pinterest is where I get most of my referral traffic, so growing that will always be on the top of my list!

Instagram: 8% increase (I finally hit 10K!)
Pinterest: 14% increase
Bloglovin: 11% increase
Twitter: 7% increase
Facebook: 3% increase
Mailchimp: 2% increase

Goals for Next Month

• Promoting Content and Being Smarter about Social Media
• Grow my Facebook following
• Continue to grow Pinterest following as this is my biggest source of referral traffic
• Lastly, get ahead! Lately I’ve been scrambling to stay caught up with my editorial calendar and it’s driving me nuts!

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