Coffee Chats—January 25

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Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I did a coffee chat post, so I’m excited to share this one! If you have any questions (seriously ANYTHING!) that you want answered in the next one, email them to me here!

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Coffee Chats—January 25

Did you change your diet while breastfeeding?

To be honest, I feel like I could have eaten WAY healthier while breastfeeding. After Rob went back to work, I was so tired, a lot of meals were cereal and I snacked on pretzel chips way too much. I know all those refined carbs were not helping, but I was too damn tired!

For any future babies, I’ll definitely have some hearty, veggie-packed soups in the freezer and will whip up smoothies in a pinch. I know that my crappy diet did not help my recovery or energy levels and I will do it differently next time around!

I also kept alcohol at a minimum and drank a ton of water!

How did you start blogging? And advice for newbies?

I have several posts on how I started blogging as well as how I make money from my blog. They’re both super in-depth, so check those out if you’re curious!

What is your everyday jewelry style? Any never-take-off pieces?

For the most part, I don’t wear much jewelry, but I do have two necklaces that I almost never take off. One is a heart-shaped diamond necklace that my grandparents gave me when I graduated from college. My sisters and cousin (all the girls in the family) have one as well. My sisters always have theirs on too!

I also have another dainty gold necklace with an ‘O’ on it. Rob gave it to me when Owen was born and I love it. It’s from Maya Brenner and when we have another baby, I’ll add their initial to it as well.

Have you tried CBD oil?

I haven’t! We do give it to Oliver when he’s feeling anxious (our dog), but I haven’t tried it myself. I’m curious though, have you guys? I’d love to hear what you think because I’m definitely open to trying it!

Do you re-sell any of your old clothes?

Yes! I’m bad about sharing that with you guys, but I have a girl who helps me do it and her Poshmark boutique is called At One Boutique, any listing with my stuff will have my blog name in the image or it’ll be a picture of me. You might have to scroll down a bit because she has other bloggers stuff in there as well and I haven’t done a drop off in a while! Which reminds me, I really need to clean out my closet—again!

What other supplements do you take?

This summer I was taking a whole slew of them trying to get my body back to normal and get my energy back to normal. Now, I’m taking less because I’m generally feeling SO much better! I do still take a prenatal since I think Rob and I will want another baby in the next couple of years. It’s a good multivitamin anyway, so my doctor said it couldn’t hurt! I also take a probiotic, iron and magnesium. I’m also trying to get in the regular habit of taking spirulina. I can’t stand the taste on it’s own, so for now I mix it into smoothies. If you have any other ideas of how to take it more efficiently, let me know! I tried coconut water too—no thanks, haha!

How was going off birth control (any side effects?) and planning to get pregnant?

I was on birth control for almost a decade by the time we decided to get pregnant. My doctor told me I could go off of it and start trying immediately. I wanted to wait for at least one cycle to make sure I had a normal period. Thankfully I did, and the following month, I got pregnant.

I didn’t have any side effects, but do know that plenty of people do. If you do, just give it time. Your body knows what to do, but it might take some time for it to get back to normal after getting off the pill.

One thing I did do was read WomanCode—I loved it so much I wrote a whole post on it—and start prepping my body (mostly through diet) for getting pregnant. I also downloaded the Flo app to track my period after I got off the pill. It gives you insights on when you’re most likely to get pregnant so you can plan accordingly! I shared my pregnancy diet and workout routine in this post.

How soon after giving birth did you start working out? And when did you stop prior to delivery?

I was cleared to workout at 7 weeks (I wasn’t in town at 6 weeks because it was Christmas), and I went to my first yoga class a week later, so 8 weeks. It felt AMAZING, but I didn’t really start regularly working out until 3 months mostly because I was tired! Owen started sleeping through the night at 14 weeks (here’s how we did that) and I started getting more sleep too! I joined a gym and got a trainer and it was the best decision I’ve made—I’m so much stronger than I was before and actually think that I’m in better shape now than I was before I was pregnant.

Before I gave birth, I didn’t have a hard stop date, I just did what I could. At the end, that was mostly just walking. Climbing the stairs to our apartment was a good workout too! I’d say do what feels right, if you have tons of energy and want to keep working out, go for it! Just make sure you’re doing pregnancy safe exercises!

What’s the best way to prepare food for one?

Why is cooking for one so hard?! Before we were married, I’d often cook enough for two and save leftovers for the next day. But, maybe you don’t want leftovers. When prepping for one, think about your plate and only make enough for you. It’s hard to do, and I almost always overcook when I’m doing it for one. But, practice makes perfect! I also love a good sheet pan meal because it’s less dishes! Hopefully that helps a bit!


That’s it for today! Thanks for sending in questions! If you have any you want answered/included in the next one, email them to me here or DM on Instagram!

BTW, how to boost milk supply, and how to actually stay motivated to workout.

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