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My Pregnancy Diet & Workout

I'm a web designer, blogger, mom, wife and serial entrepreneur. I 'm sharing my best tips and advice or building a life and business you love.

I'm Blair Staky

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pregnancy workouts

easy pregnancy exercises & diet plan to stay healthy

It’s crazy to think that on Thursday, I’ll be 25 weeks. Some days it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, and other days it feels like it’s flying by. Before I got pregnant, I was really focused on getting as healthy as possible and it’s been a theme that’s continued throughout my pregnancy. Believe me though, it hasn’t been perfect. Cravings and exhaustion are real, and sometimes I just need that donut or Thai takeout!

But, knowing what’s going on inside my body and what’s going to happen in just a few months has been enough to keep me mostly motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet. I also feel like I have so much more energy when I’m exercising regularly and eating well—anyone else?

Here’s what my current pregnancy diet & workout routine look like:

[one-half-first]pink sneakers[/one-half-first][one-half]maternity yoga pants[/one-half]

Ingrid & Isabel yoga top

Pregnancy Diet and Pregnancy Workouts

What I’m Eating

Other than avoiding things like runny egg yolks and sushi, my diet hasn’t changed all that much. I always eat a big breakfast that includes protein, fiber and good fats so I stay full longer. That typically includes some sort of eggs, usually scrambled with veggies, on top of a piece of avocado toast. If I don’t have any toast, I’ll just do the egg scramble with sliced avocado. For fiber, I love chopping up a bowl of mixed fruits and topping it with ground flaxseed, chia seeds and a squeeze of lemon juice. Lately, I’ve been trading my bowl of fruit for a fruit smoothie with spinach for added greens! I’m sharing my go-to green smoothie recipe this Friday!

For lunch, I’ve been trying to get in lots of veggies and a little bit of protein. Keeping salad ingredients on hand is helpful and lately, I’ve been broiling open-faced tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwiches to pair with it! If I’m hungry in the afternoon, which happens pretty often these days, I’ll have an apple or a small bowl of Greek yogurt with some granola and fresh fruit.

Rob always wants some sort of meat with dinner and I can only eat so much of it, so I usually get my protein fix with dinner. Dinner always includes a vegetable and usually a whole grain like quinoa, barley, farro or brown rice—I like to keep the pantry stocked with options. Then there’s dessert. I have a serious sweet tooth and love having something sweet after dinner, but I’m really trying to cut processed and refined sugar out of my diet since it makes me breakout (ugh, those mango gummies at Trader Joe’s always call my name!), so we keep cherries or grapes on hand and that usually hits the spot!

pregnancy workouts

Adidas Tubular sneakers, pink sneakers


Can I be honest? I’ve never been a big fan of cardio. I hate running, the elliptical machine bores me and the stair master, which I do love, isn’t convenient since we no longer have a gym in our building. I have low blood pressure and heavy cardio just takes it out of me, but I do love walking. I was really excited when my OB told me just how good walking was for you! I already get a lot of walking in with Oliver, but I’ve started adding a 30-45 minute brisk walk to my routine. I love going around 6 when I’m winding down for the day, but Rob hasn’t come home yet. By that time, it’s not quite as hot and there’s usually lots of people out and about, which I love! It’s the perfect way to de-stress and chill out for the evening. I leave Oliver at home for these walks so I can walk at a fast pace the whole time—his constant sniffing tends to slow me down.

On another note, my regular yoga pants are officially too tight, ugh! Thankfully, this package from Ingrid & Isabel arrived at the perfect time and these maternity yoga pants are amazing. This black pair was also in there and I love the length and zipper detail! So stretchy, comfortable and easy to get over my growing bump!


[one-half-first]exercises during pregnancy[/one-half-first][one-half]exercise for pregnant women[/one-half]

pregnancy diet


For a few weeks, I was really going strong with Pure Barre and after we went to Aspen, I fell off the wagon. I went a few times last week, but I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately and getting motivated to workout is tough! I’m trying to get ahead on work a bit so I don’t feel so busy all day, as well as trying to get into bed earlier.

Even though I haven’t been going to barre class as often, we have a set of weights at home, so I’ll do squats, leg lifts, curls and tricep exercises in our living room. Sometimes I just can’t get myself to get out the door and this quick workout makes me feel like I’m doing something good, and it’s convenient. Working out at home isn’t usually the most intense, but in a pinch, it’s better than nothing!

Pink Sneakers

For all my pregnant girls or mamas out there, did you have any specific things you ate or didn’t eat while pregnant? What types of exercise did you do during your pregnancy?

BTW, 4 easy ways to get a healthy morning start, and how to get your healthy lifestyle back on track.