Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

How’s everyone’s weekend so far? Rob and I were both traveling last weekend, so I’m excited to have a relatively calm few days ahead of us before we head to Dallas for Thanksgiving. Today we’re trying out the new True Food Kitchen that’s opening soon in Chicago. I’m so excited we’re finally getting one as it’s one of my favorite spots in Atlanta and Dallas! Tonight, we’re going to a launch party for one of Rob’s friends who makes watches which should be really fun!

A few weeks ago, I launched my holiday guide, you can see it by clicking here (or to the button on the top of sidebar!), but if you haven’t started shopping, consider this your first reminder! I hate waiting until the last minute to do everything because it makes the holidays seem more stressful and less fun, so I’m sharing a few gift ideas for mom & dad today to make your shopping a bit easier! They’re always the hardest for me to shop for, so why not start early?!

For Mom

My mom never has any ideas, but despite that, she’s pretty easy to shop for because I know her style. A cozy cardigan or coat, cute top or new shoes is always a win, but this year I’m thinking about getting her some skincare (hope you’re not reading this mom!). We popped into L’Occitane on our trip to New York and she pointed out a few things she wanted like this eye cream, face cream and their amazing hand cream. It’s always easier when they drop hints, right?!

1. Leather Crossbody Bag | 2. Twist Front Woven Shirt | 3. Hooded Quilted Jacket | 4. Lulu Sunglasses | 5. Turtleneck Dress | 6. Reversible Scarf | 7. Mellie Knee High Boot | 8. Minuit Watch | 9. Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans | 10. Wool Blend Camel Coat | 11. Turtleneck Sweater | 12. Linford Bootie | 13. Diamond Quilted Vest | 14. Leopard Wool Shell | 15. Harper Leather Zip Wallet | 16. Pink Leather Loafers

For Dad

My dad on the other hand is impossible to shop for. He owns a men’s clothing store, so clothes, shoes, accessories are always out for him. Your dad probably doesn’t do that for a living, so take advantage! My dad loves food and geeky tech stuff, so I always look for something along those lines since he’s covered in the wardrobe department!

1. Better Sweater Quarter Zip | 2. Colorful Sock Pack | 3. Cotton & Cashmere Pullover | 4. Jogger Pants | 5. Thermal Knit Robe | 6. Alta Wireless Fitness Tracker | 7. Cashmere Plaid Scarf | 8. Diamond Quilted Full Zip Jacket | 9. Double Breasted Peacoat | 10. Penny Loafer | 11. Chelsea Boot | 12. Herringbone Wool Tie

Which of your parents is hardest to shop for? What gifts have they loved in the past?


BTW, how to make your home cozy for the holidays, and my top tips for worry-free entertaining.

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