Life as of Late

I felt like June had only just began and then realized we were already half way through the month. This month was actually one that wasn’t originally suppose to be very busy, but that changed quickly, as it always seems to do. The week before we left for Denver was especially busy and I could feel myself hitting that point of serious exhaustion.

We got home on Sunday afternoon and I immediately went into recovery mode, trying to get myself rested up and feeling back to normal before this week’s craziness began. I tested out a new salad recipe (coming soon!), went to yoga, fell asleep early and finished All the Light We Cannot See. I desperately need a new book — do you have any recommendations? Please share below!

Here’s what else I’ve been up to lately…

what to wear to an outdoor wedding

1. Wedding in Denver: Last weekend we made a long weekend trip to Denver for two of our friends wedding in Littleton, Colorado. Their wedding was absolutely stunning! We also got to catch up with friends who no longer live in Chicago which was an added bonus. Per usual, the trip went by way too fast and I’m already dying to go back — I wanted more hiking! You can find my dress here.

terracotta dress

2. These Sandals: I bought these sandals on a whim earlier this year and they’ve turned out to be one of my best purchases of summer — as you can see from these pictures! They’re insanely comfortable for heels, come in two colors and are well-priced! I get compliments on them every time I wear them too! This dress just sold out in the terracotta, but is available in this pretty blush/nude color!

3. Last Minute Trip to France: If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I’m not in Chicago right now! Instead, I’m in Bordeaux staying at Grey Goose’ Le Logis manor! It all happened so quickly, but it was an opportunity of a lifetime that I couldn’t pass up. More on this to come, but in the meantime, see what we’re up to on Instagram!

4. Accepting Defeat: I came across a picture of my fiddle leaf fig tree when I first bought and it realized just how sad it looks now. I think I’ve been defeated. Who would have guessed a tree would be so hard to keep happy?!

The leaves aren’t falling off nearly as frequently, but there’s also no new growth. I’m definitely not a green thumb and I can’t figure out if my tree is dead or just a slow grower? Any suggestions!?

BTW, my Trader Joe’s favorites, and how to enjoy everyday life a bit more.

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