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I'm Blair Staky

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I'm Blair Staky

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white blazer, grey tank and a pleated skirt

BLAZER: Collarless Crepe Jacket | TANK: Linen Racerback Tank | SKIRT: Pleated Poplin Skirt | BAG: Medium Marcie Bag | SHOES: Piper Wedges (also, available here and here) | NECKLACES: Ann Revere Essential Layering Necklace, Mini Gold Bar Necklace & Matchstick Pendant Necklace, c/o | EARRINGS: Ann Revere Dash Studs, c/o

If there’s one thing I’ve been especially thankful throughout blogging, it’s the people that I’ve met. Three of my very best friends were people that I met through blogging and I’m so thankful to have them in my life!

For the past year, every (okay, almost every) Wednesday I meet up with one of my best friends, Shaheen to shoot pictures, eat brunch or lunch and work.

We’ve dubbed these fun, productive days, Lady Days.

[one-half-first]white blazer, grey tank and a pleated skirt[/one-half-first][one-half]white blazer, grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt[/one-half]
white blazer, grey tank and a pleated skirt

The tradition actually started several years ago after we originally met at a blogging event hosted by Windy City Bloggers. It was pretty much friends-at-first-sight.

Wait, is that even a thing?

Either way, after that initial introduction, we started meeting once a week or once every other week to get brunch. She has Wednesdays off and I work from home, so we’d go in the middle of the week and never have to wait in line.

I’ll be honest, it felt kind of like dating but without the romantic interest, haha! We barely knew anything about each other, but each week we got to know one another more and became better and better friends.

[one-half-first]white blazer, grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt[/one-half-first][one-half]white blazer, grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt[/one-half]
grey tank

These days, Lady Days have evolved into much more than just brunch! It’s the day I look forward to most in my work week and is usually one of the most productive too. Thankfully we’re good about keeping each other on track.

So, what exactly happens on a typical lady day?!

1. Photo Shoots: If you ever wondered who takes most of my photos, it’s Shaheen! During our lady days, we switch off shooting each others pictures and then run inside, change and do it all over again. I’ve always found it easier to knock out a few different shoots in one day. For me, it makes me infinitely more productive during the rest of the week if I’ve done that.

Typically we’ll do anywhere from 1-3 shoots in a day. If we’re really ambitious, sometimes 4 will happen, but that’s rare!

Oh and if you’re wondering, neither of us have formal training in photography, but we’ve both improved hugely over the past couple of years — this is our first shoot together!

[one-half-first]cruz blanca tacos[/one-half-first][one-half]scalloped wedges[/one-half]
white blazer, grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt

[one-half-first]white blazer, grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt[/one-half-first][one-half]cruz blanca chicago[/one-half]
2. Nom Nom: Shaheen and I share a serious love for eating! Depending on where we’re doing our Lady Day, we’ll either at a new restaurant, at Soho House or cook something! We both love to eat healthy, so when we’re at either of our houses, we typically try to make something on the healthy side like a big salad or avocado toast — cliché, I know, but I do really love a good piece of avocado toast.

3. Work Work Work: After lunch, we get down to business. Thankfully we force each other to just shut up for a bit and get some actual work done. Fun fact — Lady Day is typically one of my productive days of the week. Remember those pictures we took earlier? Usually we spend the afternoons editing our own pictures and then writing new content for the site.

I always end up writing so much on this day — I guess it’s because I’m in a great mood and feel extra inspired on these days!

white blazer, grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt

[one-half-first]ann revere jewelry, grey tank[/one-half-first][one-half]collarless white blazer[/one-half]
4. Wine & Whine: By the time 5 o’clock rolls around, we’re usually ready for a cocktail. It is Lady Day after all! With wine usually comes conversation too, so we’ll talk about what’s been happening in our lives, what we’re working on, what we’re struggling with and yes, even a little gossip, don’t judge. Or do, ha! We’re only human.

When I come home at the end of the day, I always feel so relaxed and relieved. Relaxed because I got to spend all day with one of my besties and relieved because it was equally as productive as it was fun! I can go into the rest of my week and weekend feeling like I got ahead which is always a good feeling, right?!

white blazer, grey tank, marcie bag and a pleated skirt

[one-half-first]green tiles[/one-half-first][one-half]grey tank, piper wedges and a pleated skirt[/one-half]
Each Lady Day is a bit different, but they pretty much always follow the same general timeline. Last week’s Lady Day was extra special though as it was my birthday week! We’d had gross weather the week before so I felt like dressing up that day and I wore this pleated skirt — it comes in light blue, white and navy too, a linen tank top — it’s so soft and comes in 4 other colors, these cute scalloped wedges — there’s a low wedge option too, and this white blazer that I’ve been wearing on repeat lately — it’s so chic and summery! I layered three necklaces from Ann Revere Jewelry too, and I have to admit, I’m completely obsessed with these! Fashion jewelry really isn’t my thing, but these? Heck yes (I linked to individual pieces below!).

A few of these shots are from a cool new restaurant in West Loop that we tried last week, hop over to Shaheen’s blog to read about last week’s extra fun Lady Day!

Are there any friends that you meet up with on a regular basis? What do you during your version of a Lady Day?!