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Who else has a never-ending to-do list? Sharing one of my favorite services that makes my week so much easier! @AmazonFresh #AmazonFresh #Ad

When we moved to Chicago nearly six years ago, we both sold our cars. After relying on my car to get everywhere while living in Texas, it was strange to trade in my keys for a bike helmet and CTA card, but also freeing! I love that I don’t have to pay car insurance, search for parking or pay upwards of $200 a month for a parking spot, but one thing I really do miss is being able to make a big haul at the grocery store once a week. I used to go and stock up on everything I needed for the whole week, but now it’s not possible for me to carry it all home on my own. Maybe if I got a wheelbarrow?

As my belly grows, going to the grocery and lugging home several pounds of food twice (sometimes 3x) a week sounds worse and worse. Thankfully there are so many grocery delivery services out there that make it so easy! I’ve tried several, but my favorite has easily been AmazonFresh. We already use Amazon Prime for all of our other home needs like paper towels and laundry detergent—why not groceries!?

You order the same way you would with any other Amazon order. It’s easy to find exactly what you need and I haven’t run into any issues with them not having a product I want, which was a frequent occurrence with other grocery store delivery services. You pick the time you want your groceries to arrive and they come within a two-hour window. You can select whether you’d like them to just leave your groceries at the door (my pick!) or wait for you to answer the door. Lately, I’ve been picking the 6 to 8am delivery time since I’ve been waking up earlier, thanks to baby kicks, and I love that I open my front door and my groceries are there! One of my biggest weekly chores is done and it’s not even time for breakfast!

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Since Rob and I eat most of our meals at home, being able to get everything we need in one order is amazing! We’ll usually eat 4-5 dinners at home, as well as weekend brunch—our favorite meal together! We used to go out to brunch, but over the past couple of years, making a big homemade brunch at home has become a bit of a tradition. One of us will walk Oliver while the other preps, and then we feast when the dog walk is over! It’s nothing special, but I really cherish our weekends together. They’re so relaxed and peaceful!

Our brunch always consists of some sort of egg dish with pasture-raised eggs—I love that I can get these from AmazonFresh—cooked with fresh vegetables and a side of fresh fruit. Since I don’t have to lug the groceries home, I’ve been getting a wider variety of fruits and veggies, which has been a nice change! I’d been in a bit of creative rut when it came to dinners and I finally feel like I’m out of it.

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I’m so happy that I came across this service before the baby comes. Anything that will save me time and keep me from stressing out is more than welcome! Knowing that I can get fresh, healthy ingredients delivered to my door for a affordable price is, well, priceless! I know it will make life much easier and will help keep us from ordering too much takeout once we’re housebound in November!

Have you tried AmazonFresh yet? Do you have any other tips or tricks for saving time and making your daily life a bit easier?

BTW, my healthy grocery list, and healthy thai beef salad.

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