Health & Happiness Challenge No. 6

this 10 minute tidy up will make your mornings more peaceful

A while back, I read The Happiness Project and one of my favorite tidbits I picked up from the book was her 10 minute nightly clean up. If I’m being honest, up until this week, I’d totally forgotten about it, but as I was going around the house straightening up pillows, tossing boxes and just getting things organized, it popped into my head.

Turns out I subconsciously do this all the time.

Health & Happiness Challenge No. 6

10 Minute Tidy Up

Rob jokingly says that I’m OCD, but in reality, it’s just a little something I like to do to keep myself from getting stressed. Whenever I feel myself getting overwhelmed, a messy house just exacerbates the situation. It always ends up being the straw that broke the camel’s back! But, when I spend 10 minutes each night—just set a timer—and go around the house tidying up little messes, the next morning always starts on a better note.

It’s so nice to come downstairs to a kitchen with no dishes in the sink or on the counter and a living room that looks calm and peaceful. It’s little things like this that help me start my morning on a positive note. When mornings start that way, the rest of the day tends to follow suit!

Even though I was already doing this several times a week, I’m challenging myself to make it a more regular part of my week by spending just 10 minutes each night cleaning up around the house so that I can spend more time enjoying life than getting worked up about messes!

Do you take the time to tidy up each night? If so, do you find it beneficial? If not, will you try it?

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