Inspired At The Wrong Time

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This week has felt a little bit different than most. It’s my last real working week for the next week and a half, and while I’m excited, it’s also a little bit overwhelming. The week before vacation is always a funny one. It’s a game of playing catch up on everything (btw, I was insanely productive!) that needs to be done before you go and also getting prepped for your upcoming trip. I have to admit that getting caught has been something I’ve been struggling with lately. Not only because there’s been a lot on my plate, but I’ve also got a lot of ideas brewing in my head.

It always seems that my best ideas (well, at least I hope so) always come when my schedule is jam-packed. Why is is that I always seem to get inspired at the wrong time?! Something about having a lot going on just gets the creative wheels turning for me. Is it the same for you?

I’m looking forward to having some downtime while I’m in London to hash out these ideas and get more of a plan in motion. One of the ideas that I’m most excited about lately is Blog Better! If you’re a blogger or thinking about starting a blog, I invite you to check it out. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years designing blogs and blogging myself and I wanted to create a place where I could share everything I’ve learned so that other bloggers can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made and start making money from their blogs a lot faster than I ever did.

One thing that I didn’t expect, but totally love, is that other bloggers have been leaving comments about what’s working for them too! I’m really excited about the potential it has to help other bloggers and I look forward to learning from you guys as well! I hope you stop by and see what it’s all about and if you feel inclined, please share it with your blogger friends — I would greatly appreciate the support!

On a different note, I’m headed to London TODAY! I’ll be back on Monday with fresh content and hopefully a few posts from London will be coming next week!

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