What I’m Doing When I’m Not Blogging

This week has already been a whirlwind and it’s only Tuesday! How does that seem to happen nearly every week? Maybe I just don’t handle the stress of Monday as well as I once thought.

I’ll be honest, I had a different post planned for today, but I didn’t get around to creating it how I wanted, so today is more words than visuals. The past few months have been some of the craziest of my life, so I figured I’d tell you what I’m doing when I’m not blogging because maybe you think this is all I do? Maybe not, but either way I think you should know that my everyday life is not as glamorous or filled with lunches with friends and shopping as my Instagram might suggest. Okay, some days are like that, but most aren’t!

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The reality is that I work a lot. My typical day starts at about 7:30 — I’m soooo not a morning person. By 8:15, I’m usually out the door (in yoga pants) to take Oliver on a morning walk. We usually head out for 30 minutes to an hour depending on how the weather is acting — lately it’s been beautiful. Even thought this takes away an hour from my morning, I love it and need it. This is what really wakes me up every morning besides green tea or coffee.

I grab a quick breakfast and settle into work from my home office (still in yoga pants). If you’re not aware, I have a lot jobs and they’ve all got their own list of to-dos each week. What I’ve realized is that balancing your time is not an easy thing to do when you work from home!

1. I own and solely run Leap Blog Design – my custom WordPress blog design business.
2. I write a weekly blog post and newsletter for Blog Better By Leap where I give my insight into blogging.
3. I co-run Wandeleur with Emily and create content, take photos and help promote all those things.
4. I do the social media and website maintenance for my family’s clothing store in Dallas, Culwell & Son.
5. and lastly, I run this blog!

A lot of my day is wrapped up in designing, shooting and editing pictures and writing a lot of content. Another large chunk of my day is spent reading emails, contracts, proposals and putting together a lot of those things too.

honest talk, blogging, female entrepreneur, balancing working from home, blair staky, the fox and she

My mornings are usually sort of frantic and by the afternoon I’ve settled into a more calm routine. This is when I’m most creative and usually do my design work. When I’m designing I sort of get into the zone and don’t check email, so I end up being far more productive and generally feel like I’m in a better routine. Towards the end of the day I work more on blog posts and start thinking about what I’m going to cook for dinner. Lately, my creativity in the kitchen has been lacking, but I’m hoping things continue to slow down a bit now that tax season is over and that I’m wrapping up a few big projects.

I absolutely love being an entrepreneur and running multiple businesses, but it’s a lot of work and somedays it’s impossible to finish everything. Lately, I’ve been trying my best to just be okay and happy about what I accomplished that day instead of frustrated that I didn’t check all 9 thousand things off my list. I don’t know if I’ll ever have my schedule completely balanced, but it’s something that comes with the territory.

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