My Top Picks from the ShopBop Sale

best shopbop sale picks

1.Seraphia Dressone | 2. Lace Trim Peplum Dress (also comes in white!) | 3. Pleated Alexa Top | 4. Looker Jeans | 5. Daisy Mini Dress | 6. Plumina Skirt | 7. Paris Saddle Bag (also in taupe!) | 8. Aaron Dress (obsessed with this color) | 9. Elisa Wedge Sandals | 10. Carmine Mini Dress | 11. Spend Dress | 12. Hout Dress | 13. Athena Jacquard Striped Shift Dress | 14. Howie Lace Up Sandals

Guys! Did you know that one of my favorite sales started today?! ShopBop is one of my favorite places to shop and even more so during their sales! Typically their stuff is on the higher end of my budget (or exceeds it completely), but I always manage to find some really amazing pieces during the sales that I can snag at amazingly low prices.

This sale is no different!

Right now you can get an extra 25% off items that are already marked down — that’s a MAJOR steal right there!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ShopBop sale picks above and it already looks like a few are close to being sold out (if not sold out already), so be quick!

I especially love this lilac dress and this bag! As for the rest of the sale, I definitely have my eye on this dress, this dress and this dress — the lace detail on both of these pieces is simply stunning! This off the shoulder dress and these sandals are adorable too! Ugh, so much good stuff!

To get 25% off, use code 25EXTRA at checkout!

What are your favorite ShopBop sale picks? What’s your go-to piece for summer — dresses? Skirts?!

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