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Boy Shirt in Plaid, also love this one | Teddy Coat, similar here and here | Black Skinny Jeans | Booties | Marcie Bag, also love this one (more affordable here) | Leonard Sunglasses, also love these

Yesterday we got 60 degree weather—in December! And, today it’s dropped 30 degrees and this post feels far more appropriate. I fell in love with teddy coats last year and was so mad when I waited too long to order one I had my eye on and it sold out. This year, I didn’t make the same mistake. I came across this cozy teddy coat and ordered it immediately. It’s warm, soft and kinda feels like you’re wearing your warmest and softest bath robe, but thankfully, it’s acceptable to wear this one out of the house!

My sister, Katherine, arrived in Chicago yesterday and I’m so happy she’s here! Last week I was alone at home with Owen, and while we did just fine, it’s so nice to have her around all week to help and just spend time with. I already know I’m going to be really sad when she leaves! While it was nice yesterday, we ran a bunch of errands knowing that we probably wouldn’t want to leave the house once the weather turned.

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cozy winter outfit

When we got home, Kat made this really yummy cranberry salsa and then we curled up on the couch eating chips and watching Peaky Blinders with a glass of wine.

Teddy Coats

Every night around 6:30, I get super tired, so this was a pretty perfect way to start our evening. Speaking of sleep, Owen slept for five hours straight on Sunday night! I woke up feeling like a new person! It’s crazy what sleep deprivation does to you. Cross your fingers that 5 hour stretches become a regular thing!

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Since it’s cold today, we’re planning on hanging out in our comfy clothes, decorating the tree and house for Christmas, taking a nap, binge watching Netflix shows, cuddling Owen and cooking a hearty soup for dinner!

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What do you think about the teddy coat trend? What’s your favorite activity when the weather gets cold?!

BTW, my new mom uniform, and the best camel coats.


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