Why Self-Hosting Is So Damn Important

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If you’ve signed up for my newsletter, then you might already know just how important I think self-hosting is, but if not, or you’re confused about the whole concept, let’s talk about it again.

First off, not all blogging platforms require you to have hosting, but my question to you is why would you not want to host your own site?! I like to think of my blog(s) and websites as the most major assets of my business since my businesses (Leap, The Fox & She, Wandeleur) are all based online and make their money online. They are the lifeblood of my businesses and losing them could ruin what I’ve built over the past 7 years. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense why I wouldn’t want to own these sites completely, does it? In my opinion (and I know top bloggers would agree), the self-hosting route not only gives you the most control and allows you to look the most professional, but it also gives you security in knowing that your site won’t go offline or disappear to never be seen again. Yes, believe it or not, I have heard of this on free platforms.

So what is self-hosting?! Think about a hosting company as a landlord of sorts. You pay ‘rent’ to have a space for your website to live on the internet. It also gives you full ownership unlike Blogger, Tumblr or any free platform.

WordPress actually offers two versions of their platform — the first being the self-hosted version, WordPress.org (FYI, this does not mean your site has to be a .org!) and WordPress.com which is hosted by WordPress and doesn’t cost you anything. If you’re asking yourself, okay, why on earth would I pay when I can get it for free? That’s a good question and the answer is that the free version comes with restrictions. You can’t upload custom themes, you can’t use cool plugins, it’s not nearly as customizable (like, not even close), your url will have wordpress.com after it unless you purchase a separate domain and lastly and probably the biggest fault, you can’t use advertising or affiliate links, aka, you can’t make money. So hopefully those reasons alone will help you make your decision. If you still need more convincing, sign up for the newsletter to hear more perks on self-hosting. The second email in the chain has a lot of in-depth information on it!

If you’re ready to take ownership of your blog or get it started on the right foot, make sure you’re picking good, reputable hosting. Cheap hosting can be just as bad a free platform! I always suggest Bluehost and can easily walk you through setting it up here.

Okay! Ready, set, get to it!!!

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