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similar skirt /similar top / similar wedges /necklace /earrings / Kelly Wynne bag

Since Leap doesn’t have a dress code, I can wear just about anything I want to work. It really just depends on my mood that morning. Some days it’s heels, some days I’ve managed to stay in my robe until 3am, not a proud moment, but it’s the truth.

Lately, I’ve found that skirts and a tank have become my pseudo uniform for summer. This combination felt especially girly, which isn’t always my style, but I guess I was feeling it that day. I love this outfit because it’s simple, no-fuss and so easy to throw on in the morning. Plus it makes me feel more dressed up and for whatever reason, more productive during the day. Well, on some days, more on that later..

Now the only skill I need to master is how to ride my bike in a skirt without flashing my underthings to the whole world.